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SYTYCD Vegas Round....

Tonight was Vegas week, the best episode of the auditions, pre live show... what a show it was, I have done a complete recap after the cut...

All the music form tonight's episode is posted here.

181 dancers head to Vegas for finals week and to dance for the panel of judges who will determine this year's top dancers to compete in the live shows.

8 rounds to get through:
hip hop
final solos

The panel of judges tonight:
Mary Murphy
Debbie Allen
Lil' C
Adam Shankman
Tyce DiOrio
and of course Nigel Lythgoe


First up.... Solo's:

Massive cuts planned if the solo's don't shine.

Hampton Williams (The Exorcist) - Dallas
He had the long standing O and strange moves. I love the way he has choppy, skeleton movements with such soft, soothing music. It brought me chills and many udges had tears in their eyes. Pure Passion but such a unique style, I wonder who it would translate in other styles.

After first 10 - they assessed....

Jennifer and Brianna were sent home. The rest stayed another round. (Including Hampton)

Janelle Isiss - Belly Dancer - Alabama

She had a very intricate costume and as the only belly dancer was sure to stand out. She is extrememly secxy and mixed traditional and contemporary moves into her belly dancing. Then male judges, even the gay ones loved her.

Rihanna's "Where have you been all my life" plays as we see more bits and pieces of dancing - we then learn 51 cuts were made, uncluding the martial arts cutie.

See all music here

First Round of Choreo - Hip Hop
Choreographers: Twitch & Comfort

I love seeing Comfort and Twitch again - they are amazing!

Besides the amount of hip hoppers, they all still pic it up pretty fast!
Hampton, Dragonhouse Crew - Andre, Boris, Sirus have not done other peoples choreo before.

Sadly, Hampton who has never been choreographed before tells the judges he can't do choreography and bows out of the competition.

Then one of the dragonhouse dancers bails, without saying goodbye.

Boris is sent home, that leaves only one from dragon house... Sirus.
He makes it through.

Praying Mantis and mommy Bree were also sent home. Both great dancers.

97 were remaining. Plus one more group of about 6 or 8... so just over 100 move on to day 2.

Day 2 - Broadway

Tyce is intense but a lot made it through. I love the idea of something crazy in the drinks and the characters going a lil' strange. It was a fun routine to watch.

The blonde ballroom gals perform in first group. They have been friends since they were 9 and are both hotties. They all move on from first performance group.

Alexa, who was cut last - last year performs... Adam tells her she is not bringing it and she needs to or she will be cut. She looks "dead" no emotion.... she is given another chance, but with warning.

23 more head home, mostly criticized for not bringing the character of broadway to the routine. Some upset, some angry, some bitter, some tears, some vows to never return (yuh-huh we shall see)

82 remain....

Jazz - Sonya Tayeh

Who doesn't love Sonya's choreo? She is amazing! Intense! But amazing!

Hip Hopper Shefiek gets upset and complains a lot. His partner Danielle, is the bacon loveer from Atlanta who has dreamed of dancing with Sonya but is being held back by her partner, grumpy Shefiek.

Also in this first group is the burlesque gal from Salt Lake City, Rachel.

After they perform Shefiek complains he messed up - Nigel gives him shit. He and Rachel are sent home. The rest stay. Shefiek swears and leaves in a grumpy state, walking barefoot downt he street saying he will n ever be back... Rachel fights to stay and surprisingly judges agree to let her dance for her life.

Many more are eliminated as Sonya's choreo proves too difficult for many dancers.

Danielle returns to partner with someone else and he kicks her in the head - he is sent home, she heads to the medic. They are concerned and take her away on a stretcher....

Emilia from NYC (the black and white scene gal) was up next along with dragonhouse Sirus who's partner is ballroom Lindsay Arnold.

Emilia is asked to dance for her life as the judges are split.

Lindsay makes it through.

Sirus is told to take contemporary classes, but he is through!

15 more are cut.

Dance for your life

Emilia and Rachel return.

Rachel - sticks to her burlesque routes but the judges do not wish to keep her. Debbie tells her that some see her as just sex and so taking the burlesque route only magnifies those feelings. She suggests she returns with more clothes and more dancing.

Emilia - Performed beautifully and Sonya was an easy yes. Nigel said no because he doesn't see how she can be so good now, but not bring it into other people's choreography. Everyone else says yes. She goes through and she promises to bring a different animal tomorrow and make everyone love her.

Group Routines - 10pm

They pick a piece of music at random and they have all night to practice and perform in the morning. They get to choose their own groups of 5-6 people.

This is always my favourite round because of all the drama that kicks in with lack of sleep and bubbling personalities. I am really upset we didn't get to see more drama from the night

Day 3 - Group Routines

Daniel (ballet dancer with an accent saying "belly dancer") Audrey, Danielle (who was injured the day before) only joined the group at midnight when she got back from the hospital. Some were more willing to add her than others.... Daniel doesn't want her in the group, to re-do the routine or to go to bed....

Judges think they are a hot mess. I agree. They weren't in synch, it was pretty bad! Nigel says they should all be sent home, yet, after the judges discuss, they decide Charlie and Danielle go home and the rest stay.

There are a lot more eliminations "epic fail" says Adam Shankman, "I'm sorry" they say "it's totally forgettable" says Debbie Allen to one group. A lot of dancers who make it through are still upset as their friends head home.

The Highschoolers were amazing, they "went to prom" and the one girl, Aubrey, dances with each man and it is stunning! They all go through!

There were a lot of great bits shown from various groups. I really would love to attend a live taping of group day - so fun!

dres, adrian,and alexa were in the next group. All have been in the finals in previous season being cut at the very end before live shows started. The routine was good, though there were a few criticisms. Tyce is no longer enamoured by Alexas beauty - he really puts her ont he spot asking what this all means to her, telling her to demand attention. Mary adds she needs to take them somewhere and show the fire. She is quiet, she says she has fire to show, but she is so blah, like even her voice is calm, quiet and emotionless until she starts crying.

They all make it through.

The celebrations continue with all the dancers at the pool.

Ballroom - Jason Gilkison
Cha Cha time... many dancers are noticably terrified!!

Sirus, with no formal training is pretty good. The last standing dragonhouse makes it through for dancing for your life...

Many more are cute with tears and good-byes.

Aubrey gets cut after an amazing group routine being compared to Mia Michaels. She takes it VERY rough. She complans she can't get through, she can't get work and now she is headed home.

Alexa makes it through, she brought her personality - finally!

Finally, Sirus dances for his life - as much camera time as this kid has got, I'd be surprised if he doesn't make it to the live show / Top 20 Especially with "The Excorsist" having quit.

Contemporary - Travis Wall

One hour to practice and we all know how intense Travis is... |technically I am looking for perfection... this is the last round" Dancers are exhausted and the routine is tough.

Nigel announces that they will not provide results until the end of the day. The dancing is beautiful, the choreo makes it amazing but so many dancers just embrace it and it's a pleasure to watch. The dancers compliment each other and at the end of the day Nigel calls a few dancers down to the stage.

Theya ll make it - some more have to re-dance the routine. Most of the re-do's do not make it.

Day 4

Joshua tries his new trick - a back flip, but he lands and doesn't get up. Medics take him away.

The solo's are amazing - out of this world. Still, there are a few that are let go despite being amazing dancers...

Trey, Dres, Adrian Lee, and some others are cut... sadly.

No girls were cut. I think this may have been because there were far more girls cut in a previous round and they wanted to keep it even.

regardless, the remaning dancers go part in a suite with balloons and snacks.

Season 9 will be exciting... next week we learn who makes it through to the Top 20.....

Check out all the music from tonight's episode here.

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