Monday, June 25, 2012

Bachelorette - Prague

Tonight's episode we finally hear about Arie and Cassie (the producer) past relationship. Apparently it was brief and ten years ago and not a big deal... meh! We also saw an interesting rose ceremony and some romantic one on one dates....


First one-on-one was with Arie.

We had the Cassie drama emerge. Emily was mad at Arie for not telling him. They had an off screen discussion and by dinner she forgave him and was making out with him non-stop again.

Arie tells Emily he loves her and she eats it up. She is so into him.


John "Wolf" gets the next one-on-one date.

Emily seems to know a lot about Communism and John Lennon and graffiti... *shrugs*

They can't figure out their lock, foreshadowing of what's to come? They have never ever had any connection. I have no idea why she kept him after week one to be honest. The only reason I wantes him around was to discover WHY they call him "WOLF"

John admits he had his heart broken and Emily realizes it isn't lack of connection, but his guard being up - um, NO EMILY! You don't have a connection!


Group Date is Sean, Doug and Chris....

Sean runs through the streets of Prague and surprises Emily. She is grinning ear to ear. She seems so in love with him. I really do like them together. They have the "look" they make out and she apologizes for putting him on a group date, but he is ok with it and after their beers and one on one alone time tongue twisting then making out against a wall in an alley some more, he leaves feeling pretty happy.


Group Date - horse drawn carriage pulls up to haul the men along. Squished. Under umbrella's. Lame already!

Doug gets some one-on-one time and is awkward. He is closed off, arms crossed, scared to touch her and very stand offish. He even says if they were to move on after this they would be "starting off" Doug wants to get to know her more, but she is already having more with others. She talks to him, ready to send him home and he doesn't realize it and kisses her. She thanks him them continues to send him home. He feels like an idiot, understandably.

He is a single dad and a decent guy. But it just wasn't there. Maybe he will come back as a bachelor?

Emily and Sean's one-on-one time is kissing and talking about the night before.

Chris gets some one-on-one time and he spends a lot of the time complaining and saying he won't dwell on it, as he dwells on it. THey share some kisses, but it isn't passionate like with Arie OR Sean. I have never seen what Em sees in Chris. She thinks he is so attractive and perfect. Meh.

With Doug gone she only has two men to choose from to give the rose. It isn't surprising when she gives it to Sean. Chris is bitter and mad, though he says he isn't.


Jef and Emily get their one-on-one date. Theya re so cute. The odd couple. He doesn't look like her type, like Sean does. But they click so well. I loved their lil puppet dolls. They used them to talk about their feelings and Jef told Emily he was in love with her and it was so sweet..... She gets nervous after learning that Jef dumped a girl because his parents didn't approve - no pressure. They have an amazing time laying on a library floor talking about kids and life.

'I Want to Date You So Hard and Marry the F--- Out of You'

OMG best line ever! Jef is so different. I am torn between him and Sean. I don't want her with Arie. The Cassie thing isn't why, he is just slimey from what I hear.

Sean and her look the part, the whole package. But Jef, somethign about him is just so sweet and different. Time will tell.

Cocktail Ceremony

Chris is stillupset he didn't get some one-on-one quality time with Emily and plans to talk to her tonight.

Emily talks with Chris about how the relationships were confirmed this week and that inthat the ones that were slower to progress were glaringly obviously not happening.

She doesn't want a cocktail party. Chris panics. As he should. John/Wold feels confident. I don't think either of them should stay (or even be there still) Chris seems to have a panic attack he is wandering in tears talking to himself.... he other men seem to be secretly pleased.

Rose Ceremony

Sean has a rose.

3 roses remain.

1 will go home.

She explains why there is no cocktail party, it's purpose is to have unanswered questions answered, but this week she has all her questions answered because this week they were all so open and honest about how they were feeling.

- Jef gets a rose.
- Arie gets a rose.

(It seems telling Em you love her is a good move at this stage in the game.. I mean, journey)

and finally..... Chris asks for some time to talk... of course. I am glad he did, he looked like he was about to pass out or shake out or something. John Wold seems upset. As he should be. Now what? Who was she going to pick? Does this change her mind?

Final rose goes to Chris.

Poor Wolfman... I guess we will NEVER know why John is called "wolf" (what a rip off)

She apologizes. Says other relationships have moevd at a faster pace. He says "right, right" but seems to be in a zone - he admits he is shocked and thought him opening up on the date really connected them.... "yea it sucks" he says. *shrugs* I don't even care - except that we don't know why he is called wolf... that upsets me!

So there ends another episode of Bachelorette... dum dee dum...

So what did you think?

These 4 will take Emily home to meet their family. I love the family visits. You get to see the cray behind the men ha ha

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