Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Master Chef - 13 compete

Another night of Masterchef....

The epiosde kicks off with a mystery box challenge, my favourite.


-t-bone steak
-sour craem

Total is under $20 at Walmart - obviously a sponsored mystery box challenge.

60 minutes to make dish valued $40+ at fine dining resturant.

Becky is planning a dessert, big risk. Cowboy Mike is excited, this is his kind of meal. Tali is struggling as usual. Everyone says they are happy with their dishes.

Judges watch and taste throughout the task and decide who are stand out dishes.

1. Frank
- grilled t bone steak with corn, slaw and cream sauce

2. Tanya
- Tarragon t-bone steak with braised cabbage and pureed corn

3. Becky
- Caramalized Peach with peached and cream puree

Then judges chose the best... Tanya
Elimination Test:

Tanya can choose between the following judges favourite desserts.

Joe - Tiramisu
Graham - Strawberry Shortcake
Gordon - Triffle

Tanya is safe and doesn't have to cook. She also gets to choose who makes which dessert (4 per dessert)

Judges will pick the worst from each dessert as the bottom three.

Tiramisu - Anna, Frank, David, Felix
Strawberry Shortcake - Scott, Mike, Tali, Christine
Triffle - Becky, Monti, Stacey, Joshua

60 minutes begins

Homecooks grab materials and start to prepare desserts.

Monti somehow sets fire to her trifle while in a frantic panic. She is running around asking for lady fingers and flour. I don't think most od them knew what a trifle was.

The judges discuss each homecook and their strategy and results so far. It is down to the wire with most cooks finishing just in time.


Felix - adds nuts and Joe is not impressed. Felix starts to cry. Graham comments on the visuals lacking and doesn't seem to enjoy the flavour either. Gordon says it is way too sweet, looks as sad as she does "is a mess" he calls it her worst performance on masterchef causing more tears from Felix.

Frank - Graham likes the look and taste

David - Gordon is not happy it is thick and heavy. Joe complains about the watery substance calling it gross.

Anna - I missed... I was on facebook LOL too lazy to rewind


Josh - Joe says it tastes like a banana split, a bowl full of cream and bananas. Graham

Monti - Gordon mentions how half way through the challenge she had nothing and although it still lacks sponge, it tastes delicious.

Stacey - It looks beautiful, she calls it an Italian trifle.

Becky - Joe says it is gross and spits it out. He says she tried to show off and it bit her in the ass. Graham and Gordon agree.

Strawberry Shortcake

Christine - used other berries a berry shortcake

Tali - missing foam but has good flavour

Scott - didn't glaze strawberries

Mike - missed or wasn't shown?

Stand Out Dish


Bottom Three


Going Home


What did you think of the mystery box dishes?

How about the Elimination Test?

Next Week:
Homecooks hit the road for a food truck challenge.

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