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SYTYCD 200TH EPISODE - Meet the Top 20

Nigel Lythgo
Mary Murphy
Zooey Deschanel

This season two winners. One Male and One female. Also, only one episode a week (not a performance and a results show)

We review the 35 dancers who were left after Vegas, all who arrived in Hollywood last week to discover their fate.

We review those results by going through the dancers walk to hear the judges decision....

Panel: Tyce DiOrio, Debbie Allen, Nigel Lythgoe, Lil C, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman


Last year she was last to go out (with Ryan, who was chosen) and she did not get it and said she wouldn't return. But she did, and she made it not only to Vegas but to Hollywood and tonight we learn she is the first to make the Top 20.

I don't really remember him from ATL auditions or even Vegas. Maybe he didn't get much air time, maybe I missed it, but he is in the Top 20.

LA audition and she makes it.

Megan Branch
Contemporary dancers who auditioned in LA and was loved by Mary. Lil C delivers news she is NOT in Top 20

Nor is Collin Fuller.

Amber Jackson
Made it this far season 6 and was sent home. Season 7 she didn't make it as far as Season 6 and decided not to retun. Finally, she dropped her pride and returned. This year it was worth it because she finallty made it to Top 20. She is a contemporary dancer.

Back to the live show....

Will Thomas, George Lawrence, Alexa Anderson, Amber Jackson

Tyce DiOrio routine
We found love - Jesse J

They are very passionate dancers. I loved when the boys carried Alexa across the stage and how they used the bench. There were moments out of synch but it was a great opening routine to the season!

Back to last week....

There have been some quality ballroom dancers especially Whitney (just graduated high school) Lindsay and Nick.

He impessed Sonya in Vegas and has always felt in the shadows of other great dancers. He breaks down in tears again in front of the panel who give him the news that he is indeed in the Top 20.

Whitney & Lindsay
Friends since childhood, off and on competitiors their whole life they were roomies in Vegas and being both beautiful, young blondes who specialize in ballroom, we know that it is going to be another Alexa/Ryan thing... one or the other.... I personally like Whitney better, though I think Lindsay is more mature. The panel says they adore them both but are looking for one ballroom girl. Mary tells Whiteny she is in the Top 20 and Lindsay hugs her. Mary then says they adore Lindsay and want her in the top 20 too... wow! This is a bit of a shock but I am excited.

Back to the live show....

Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold
Jason Gilkinson - Ballroom
Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez

The girls look fab in red dresses, I amnot sure Nick knows how to handle TWO women at once, it's a little bit rough in spots but extremely sexy. Those two are knock outs! Every mans fantasy I am sure, they do some amazing trio moves that I really liked.

Back to last week...

Ballet Technical Dancers are up....

Mary loved her in LA and in Vegas she was a clusterball of emotions. After talking about her blue suede shoes, Debbie Allen tells her she is in Top 20.

San Fran ballet dancer did amazing through Vegas but had an average solo. He was the one with the accent who I thought was a BELLY dancer not BALLET ha ha. He makes Top 20.

NYC professional dancer. he struggled in Vegas at times, but nailed his solo. He also makes Top 20, after Nigel made it sound like only one of them would...

Back to the live show...
Daniel Baker, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, Eliana Girard
Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson
Romanic Inclinations - Like a Shot

I don't know ballet. But they were dressed cool and moved nicely. There was a moment where it got fast and abrupt versus the pretty floaty music and I really enjoyed it. Nigel said it was an amazingly tough routine, but that both men are already professional dancers who have given up their careers to be here. Nigel reminds everyone that the choreographers are brave as dancers because they are judged also.

Back to last week...

Jazz dancers

She seems shy and I don't remember her. Debbie says she was invisible but then like a race horse came up from the rear and now she is in the Top 20.

Katelyn, Kate and a few others do not make it.

Janelle Isiss
I loved her (the belly dancer)

Back to the live show...
Tiffany Maher, Audrey Case, and supposed to be Janelle Issis
Sonyah Teyeh

Janelle is ill and unable to perform tonight, the other two girls do well some nice lifts and typical Sonya choreo - my fave kind.

Back to last week...

Remember the guy who did a flip and knocked himself out? He didn't make it to Top 20 but Adam told him to return next year.

Blake, Jasmine, Danielle also sent home

12 dancers left, 7 spots

Was told by NIgel he looks like Ryan Gosling, I don't see it.. well.. maybe. He is a cutie. Lucky us he will be in the Top 20.

Gets in. One spot left for a girl... two girls left..

NYC silent movie inspired routine and had to dance for her life in Vegas, though I felt like that was just for ratings.

SLC auditions, did well in Vegas.

Amelia or Jill? Ameilia is in - she had the star quality... I never doubted it.

Back to the live show...

Matthew Kazmierczak, Dareian Kujawa, Janaya French, Amelia Lowe
Stacey Tookey - Contemporary
Modern Drift - Efterklang

Beautiful Routine, a lot of movement all over the stage. I deffo love Amelia and Matthew most. It will be an amazing season!

Back to last week....

His martial arts style had him a judge fave from the start. he is in the Top 20

Tap Dancers
The two do not make it

Brandon and Devon go together but Brandon is the only one to make it into the Top 20. Sadly, Devon is sent home. I am upset, I liked his energy and smile. Ah well.

Final two
Only one spot left. Cyrus and Feliciano. Only one can make it through. They go out together. Only Cyrus makes it. Wow! Dragonhouse has one rep in the Top 20 - exciting!

Back to the live show...
Cole Horibe, Cyrus Spencer, Brandon Mitchell
Chris Scott
Nathan Lanier – Resolve

I enjoyed seeing their styles mesh together in Chris Scott's routine. The baseball theme and the custom song that introduced them personally - it was awesome! Highighted their talentas ans specific styles yet brought them all together - LOVED LOVED IT! Face of the night for it's uniqueness and fun!

Group Dances:

Travis Wall: Top 10 Girls
Music: Sennen – Where the Light Gets In

I love Travis. He said he came in with choreo but then added tricks because they could handle it and were that good. His mind is beautiful. His choreo is always so stunning. I got goosebumps instantly. I mean, how can you not?

Sonya Tayeh: Top 10 Boys
- Music: Steed Lord – Precognition

Sonya worked these guys. Man on man she doesn't catre she wants touching. Some men were uncomfy with it, oen was upset about showing his jiggly parts to America, but they all did it and it was a steong powerful piece. It felt martial arts-esque but had Sonya's unique and distinctive flavour in it.

Mia Michaels: Top 20
- Music: Kaskade – Eyes

Mia Michaels, another fave choreogrpaher of mine. So emotionally charged. Goosebumps - always! I loved how they had the sunglasses on and off and on and worked together and separate and just - amazing! So glad Mia is back, with longer hair too!

I have to say I didn't raelly like the way it went to last weeks picking Top 20 to live shows dances and then back and forth...

But, given the new format for the show, I don't see any other way it could have worked better besides first hour/second hour but c'est la vie.

What did you think of the Top 20?

Which was your favourite routine tonight?

Any faves yet?

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Sandra said...

Just watched it! I love Amelia, Cyrus, both ballet dudes, ballet chick...oh yeah! Oh and both Whitney and Lindsay. I believe they were trained by Mark Ballas of Dancing with the stars because he tweeted about them and he was in the audience!

Til next week :)