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True Blood - Whatever I Am, You Made Me

What an episode. We saw the return of shirtless Eric, learned more about Pam's past, Tara's secret was revealed and could it be? The return of fairies? I think so.... I don't want to spoil, so click below to read more....


Lot's of plot development this episode and only a little wasted time on things like the sherrif's butt photo, Terry's storyline (he took off with his marine friend, Arlene is mad, that's it) and had a lot of great dialogue and action.

Where to start, Eric and Bill have convinced the Authority to let them go look for Edgington. The Guardian's fave Chancellor, Salome, seduces both Bill and Eric to determine they can be trusted. She also knows Eric and Nora are "siblings" which made me think maybe she was a secret Sanguinistas, but I am not sure. Nora, by the way admits to being a Sanguinistas while being tortured to save Eric and Bill and not reveal his true relationship with one of them.

We also learned that Steve Newlin (possibly changed at the comman of or by the Guardian, Roman) is replacing Nan Flanagan. I think they are on track with that idea given his publicity experience and his previous ties to Fellowship of the Sun prior to becoming a vampire.

I loved seeing Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars) guest star as an Authority employee. She gets Eric and Bill shirtless and harnessed into their death traps - harnesses that will stake their hearts if they mess up, tryt o remove the harness, or piss off the authority while away trying to bring in Russell Edgington.

Pam misses Eric and as she refelct upon their past, we learn how she was made and how Eric fist met Bill Compton.

Vampires were draining Pam's whores and so she asked Eric to assist her in ridding the pests. He did indeed command Lorena to take her newborn (Bill Compton) away and ensure he learned the ways - and fast. After that she owed Eric and paid him with an evening in bed. She asked him to change her and after essentially saying no - she slit her wrists forcing him to change her or watch her die. It showed a vulnerable side to the tough bad-ass Pam. I love her!

Tara escapes Lafayette and Sookie and nearly attacks a gal who is trying to change a flat tire. She gains some senses, apologizes and turns to Sam at Merlottes for help. After letting her binge on True Blood she collapses and he moves her into the walk-in drige leaving a sigh "do not enter out of service dangerous" on the door.

Despite trying to keep the vampire secret of Tara in the walk-in from Sookie, her mind reading skills break through his attempted distraction "boobs boobs boobs" and Sam accepts that Sookie made the decision to save Tara's life, and leave her the choice of what to do next.

The resturant runs normally, somewhat. Lafayette's masked evil side (Jesus haunting him? I want Jesus back he was hot! ) grabs bleach and pours it into the gumbo. Arlene is bitchy because Terry left and mad once she learned Tara is a vampire, and is nagging for the gumbo which sets off Lafayette's inner evil I suppose? Regardless he dumps the gumbo and seems legit concerned of losing control again. Then BAM Tara dreams of eating Arlene as Lafayette wakes Tara with some blood drink. She freaks.

I have hated Tara since day one, I just don't like her. She got interesting briefly when she smashed up that vamps head then again as a runaway kind of lesbian, with new hair style and such, but soon became an annoying bug-eyed character - again! But I have to say, this vampire Tara, she may have some depth - I am especially interested to learn how Pam and her bond - or don't. Especially with all this history on Pam and her maker, it may lead to something solid with Pam and Tara. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Deb's parents are looking for her and asking questions around town after getting the police on board to help track her whereabouts. Alcide comes to Merlotte's and asks Sookie what is going on. After trying to get rid of him, Tara wakes up and goes nuts as I mentioned above then she takes off. Sookie tells Alcide the truth, that Deb tried to kill her, Tara got in the way and was shot, then later turned, and that Sookie killed Deb.

Jessica, my favourite. She is trying on some clothes, gets snarky with the sales lady who is being a bitch, then is distractd by the most amazing smell. A man ordering 16 dresses for 16 sisters I believe he said. Cute. Accent. Then, Jessica falls out of the change room... "You smell awesome. What are you?" He takes off. She chases him to a field. Must be a fairy right? of course! Though fairies were kind of lame in past season, I hope they will return and have some purpose, or interesting story line this time. She then goes to romp with Jason, who isn't in the mood.

Jason not in the mood?

Earlier that day he bumped into an old teacher and we learn he had been with her, sounds like he lost his virginity to her. After reuniting, Jason realizes he has always filled the hole in his heart with sex and doesn't know how to do anything else. he expresses this to Jessica who covers her cleavage, offers to put on some sweat pants ansd just be a friend. Love it! I really want these two together. Yes, her and Hoyt had a thing - but he is off at Fangtasia dressed gotchic with eyeliner trying to pick up some new vamp. Not sure if he is a fangbanger or just posing.

In the end Tara tries to committ suicide via tanning bed, but it appears Pam will save her... sadly.

Lot's happened, lot's progressed. I am loving the direction this season is taking and can't wait for more.


"You're too cute to be goo." - Authority Employee

"You smell awesome - what are you?" - Jessica

"Can I give you a hug without you thinking about my boobs?” -Sookie

"What are you looking at? Go back to dry humping each other and buying my overpriced drinks or get the f--k out!" —Pam

"Lorena, you procreated and he's protective. How sweet." —Eric

"I ain't had the best luck in that department. One died right next to me, one was married to a gay preacher. Crystal was a...let's not even go there. And right now I'm f--k buddies with the love of my best friend's life. Who's a teenage vampire. And that's just all kinds of messed up." —Jason

"Don't believe everything you read. The human Bible is little better than US Weekly." —Salome

"So which one is it? The Sheriff or the King? Both? Oh see now that's a sandwich I'd take a bite out of anytime." —Rosalyn

"Would you toss a newborn baby in a gutter? Abandoning a newborn vampire is no different. Becoming a maker is an eternal commitment." - Eric

"Let me walk the world with you, Mr. Northman, or watch me die." - Pam

“I was an innocent child, ‘til you taught me your style, Whatever I Am, You Made Me”

I really liked this bit from a review I read:

But the tricky thing about innocence is that once you lose it, you can never get it back. And what steps in in its place tends to be of the malicious sort.

“I was an innocent child, ‘til you taught me your style,” coos Nina Simone as “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” draws to a close, and it’s a statement that has never been truer for the show. The revealing of Jason and Salome’s pasts speak most clearly to loss, but they’re not alone. In the eyes of Alcide, Sookie has lost her innocence; Hoyt dons a little guyliner and goes searching for trouble at Fangtasia, abandoning the character we’ve come to know; even Pam, normally so cold and stoic, is showing a softer side in her memories of Eric. At its core, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” is an episode meant for development.

Check out this video recap from a friend of mine... She does a great G-rated review and compares parts of the episode to the books.

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