Monday, June 25, 2012

Hells Kitchen - 13 chefs compete - Part 2

After a brief recap of last week's part one 13 chefs compete, we get started back in Hell's Kitchen.

The drama with Robyn and Kimmie continues.

We are preparing for the first ever fashion show in Hell's Kitchen.


The men are quickly distracted by hot models on the runway. The res team criticize the models lack of eating, being too skinny.

Raw scallops, over cooked scallops, the women mess up - well Tiffany messed up, but wouldn't admit it even though Barbie tried to tell her they were no good.

Blue seems to be a bit more on top of things getting some appies out.

The usual chaos ensues. The fashion show runs and Ramsay gets the teams prepped for once the runway ends and they start entrees. Barbie can't recall how many of each meat, Robyn knows then goes ghetto in the diary room - I seriously can't handle it. they either cast black women who are stereotypically ghetto-trash-talking, or they cast white trasy women to be ghetto-talking. WTF?

The men are once again distracted by the bikini clad women walking down the catwalk. There is a fire in a pan and some burned meat. Ramsay is less than thrilled - obvs.

The women run out of meat after overcooking and Robyn tries to send her team mates to the blue kitchen to swipe some. A few try, but chicken out. Robyn finally admits she doesn't have enough meat and wants some frmo blue. He tells her no she is a silly cow and makes her go ask this customer what she wants instead.

The women continue to mess up. Between cooking things wrong, or sending wrong things up it was just a mess. Tiffany won't take responsibility for the bad swordfish but finally the entrees all get out.


The Blue team fights over nominations as usual and they ended with Clemenza and Brian or Guy.... Guy....

Ramsay surveys the blue team and the majority seem to think Clemenza should go home.

They each say their piece as to why they shoudl stay, Clemenza is deffo mroepassionate and fights HARD to stay.... it pays off..

In the end, Clemenza gets sent back in line and Guy goes home. The red team cheers.

What do you think? Do you agree with who went home?

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