Monday, June 25, 2012

#MagicMike Review - Advanced Screening

Where to start.... Magic Mike...

The Good:

-Channing Tatum
-The dancing and stripping
-The relationships that develop
-most the dialogue and jokes
-Channing Tatum
-Joe Manganiello
-Alex Pettyfer
-Kevin Nash
-Matthew McConaghey
-Channing Tatum

The Bad:

-too much talking and plot and clothes on scenes
-the lead girl was horrible. She mastered the bitch face but her dialogue was stiff and her laugh annoying and forced.
-some storylines / goals weren't achieved and I would have liked to see them wrap up more successfully - maybe a sequel? ha ha!

Overall it is amazing....,

The group dances and Channing Tatum aka Magic Mike's dance routines are so good. Of course he WAS a stripper and IS a dancer and so it is to be expected. The others were good and Alex pettyfer made me LOL as he was the new "kid" learning.

Some favourite scenes:

-Matthew McConaghey training Alex Pettyfer to grind, and rotate and then STICK IT
-Channing's moves - not just because I am me and he is he, but legit - some awesome moves!
-The themed dances. From safari to medical to combat to rain gear, to individual costumes such as Tarzan and firemen, I seriously couldn't get enough of it. I am not usually one of THOSE girls, but good lawrd I was tonight! Those men are mmmm mmmm mmmm
-the amusement park. Everything about that scene slayed me. Alex interupting his sister and Channing, the two guys grinding the bench and umbrella as the sister walks away - seriously funny shit!
-initiation of Alex Pettyfer's character. Kevin Nash gets him working fast ha ha "massage it in"
-hurricaine party
-Breakfast Food Lover scene (Channing comes in and says to Alex's sister "so i hear you like breakfast food" and she gets all bitchy "he must be drunk, I don't fucing cook" or something like that, to which Channing's character says "we were going to go to IHOP but you just stay here breakfast hater" or something like that - it becomes their "thing" the whole movie ha ha)
-"my wife has great breasts, touch em" "I love you man"

Some uncomfortable scenes:

-the sister's scenes, when she had to talk

Gah, I am still taking it in... I will add more... I had a few too many at the premiere party after the movie - we all got free appies and drinks and Magic Mike swag... so fun!

There is another screening on Wednesday and a midnight release Thursday then my "Girls and Gays Night" Friday (we are doing cocktails and then going to see Magic Mike.

Man, I COULD see it 4 times this week... maybe... heh heh


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