Thursday, June 28, 2012

My First Comic-Con - Plans for Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday Schedule came out and as a SDCC virgin, I am super psyched and a bit overwhelmed.

Wednesday Night I want to go to the screenings of some CW/WB Pilots:

-666 Park Ave
-The Following

Then Thursday is crazy busy. The Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel doesn`t start until later in the day, so for those of you (us?) camping or waiting, it will be a long one.

I have heard rumours of things t keep line-waiters entertained, and from past practice I am sure there will be things going on.

I am learning that SDCC is all about prioritizing and having back up plans. (Thanks T.J. for the advice!)

Since I can't clone myself in the next week here, I have to make sacrifices and be happy I get to do anything....

Here are my goals Thursday:

-Breaking Dawn Part 2
-Disney (Oz, Frankenweenie, Wreck It) - Mainly for OZ

Then if possible / backups:

-Nikita (same time as Dexter, which is my preference, though I'd die to meet Shane West)
-Teen Wolf (same time as Disney, but only care about part of Disney's panel so may opt for Teen Wold instead)
-Expendables 2 (for my hubby)

There are tons of other things I am interested in but I am not sure how much time between and time in lines I will need or have....

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Sandra said...

The Following is Kevin Bacon's new show!!! Let me know what you think. It Premiere's in January.