Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love in the Wild

After a reminder of how last week new ladies arrived forming trios and then sending half the ladies home to go back to couples....


Chase & Summer

Jesse & Ali even though he had slept with Tara, which is mostly common knowledge.
Ken is not impressed with Jesse. Jesse is keen to get with Ali but in the outdoor tent Ali tells him to back off when he tries to touch her leg. She even says "Can I go back and do the ceremony again" uh-oh

Michelle & Ben. Michelle is happy to have Ben without Jenny. They go under the covers to celebrate.

Jason & Vanessa, another new couple, laugh and seem to enjoy preparing for bed.

Yanina and Ken are still going strong.

The next morning is Challenge

Jenny MC Carthy compares relationships to coconuts. The adventure is to collect 55 coconuts and carry them to "town" and trade them for a horse which they will ride up a mountain to get a map which will lead them through the rest of teh adventure. Oh, they do get a wheelbarrow.... actually, pieces of a wheel barrow, to put together if they want.

Yanina & Ken - She wants to build a wheelbarrow, he doesn't - they just carry the barrow without wheels

Jenna & Ryan - they also decide to fill the barrow and carry it. It gets heavy, Jenna needs breaks ans Ryan drags it when she is too weak to pull her weight.

Summer & Chase - being strong they too decide to just load the barrow and carry it they leave 2nd place and while on the horse pass and take 1st place.

Vanessa & Jason
- take the time to build the wheel barrow. Jason likes that vanessa doesn't complain. They finish first and get the horse. Vanessa rides it, he leads their slow horse.

Michelle & Ben - also puts together the barrow and hop on the horse in 3rd place.

Ali & Jesse - arguring in last place trying to put together the barrow, then loading the barrow. Jesse wants all 55 in one trip. They keep falling out and Jesse wants Ali to pick them up - she won't. Jesse falls, the wheel barrow breaks and his plan to make it in one trip seems to be an epic fail. Somehow they manage to have 55 in their one load and head out on the horse... in last place.

They all get to the map. They need to now hike down the river and cross a waterfall by tight rope to find a new map behind the falls.

As Ali reads she shakes and cries... here we go again. Not sure Jesse can support her, unless she is willing to sleep with him.

Ken & Yanin go quickly across the ropes passing Summer and Chase. Jenna & Ryan are not far behind.

They all scream and Jenna is dramatic like Ali, but they are in harnesses... if they skip they fall a whole 1 foot. Speaking of Ali they are still in last place. Her "paralyzing fear of heights" means she can't be touched and so she has to tell Jesse to back off and not crowd her. It was quite amusing.

2nd waterfall - they go to a grotto to retrieve a 2nd map. At this point Yanina and Ken are in first, Chase and Summer right behind hop intot he water and swim through the falls. Summer you will recall from the first episode is an awesome swimmer. Yanina, however, sucks and Ken has to help save her from drowning. It is beautiful.

As others arrive, the top two couples are on their way up to a 3rd waterfall. Here they will hike up and use machete, bamboo and rope to cut down bananas.

While couple procede to chop bananas some struggle to get there. The two top couples somehow miss the trail to get supplies and hike up the mountain and realize they messed up. They have to hike back down.... meanwhile other couples are able to get ahead because of this mistake.

Back at the previous waterfall, Vanessa swims fast to get the map in the grotto however, she somehow loses the map from the container while swimming. Jason panics as they fall into last place.

Somehow the couples have a big mix up and here is how the end:

1. Jesse & Ali - Oasis (Ali isn't thrilled)
2. Ben and Michelle - Cabins
3. Jenna & Ryan - Cabins
4. Ken & Yanin - Cabins
5. Summer & Chase - Tent
6. Jason & Vanessa - Hell... just kidding, the horrible screen "tent" is gone, they get tents too

Off in the Oasis Jesse keeps pushing Ali for romantic time.

Summer & Chase agree they need to pay more attention to detail and decide not to dwell on the drop from first to almost last.

Lot's of mingling and chatting.

Ladies choose first.

1. Ali can choose anyone from first place. Ken interupts and to bring up the fact that Jesse is sleazy and her decision to choose someone else could really mess up established relationships. Ali chooses Ben much to everyone's surprise.

This leaves Jesse to choose whoever he wants... He originally planned to request to be put into unmatched area but given happenings he asks Michelle to partner up.

2. Jenna keeps Ryan

3. Yanina keeps Ken - obviously

Jenny asks if Ken was nervous. He says he was worried Jesse with power would see him as a threat and try to break them up. Jesse barks back and they begin to argue. Ken tells Jesse to take it more seriously and not hurt those around him. Jesse calls Tara collateral damage in the game. He admits (under pressure) that they slept together but there wasn't a connection. Jesse and Ken have spat and Jenny, as a great host, pushes them to discuss it more. Ben tells them they both ahve points and to drop it.

4. Summer keeps Chase.

5. Jason and Vanessa are eliminated. They agree to see where their relationship goes.

So do you think there is love brewing?

I am not upset with the couple going home are you?

What about the battle between the two men?

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