Monday, June 25, 2012

Masterchef - 14 compete

The chefs are fast asleep in their hotel rooms and come 3am they are woken up. By 4am they are at one of the top hotels working the early rush cooking all the room service breakfast orders. Crazy!


They will be cooking:

fresh fruit salad
hand made panckcaes
eggs benedict
egg white omelette
2 eggs any style

Blue Team - Josh
Becky, Frankie, Anna, Monty, David, Tali

Red Team - Christine
Felix, Scott, Tanya, Mike, Stacey, Ryan
*Power to swap one member of her team for one of Josh's. She swaps Ryan for Becky. Smart move!

Team chooses an expediter to oversee plates.

Blue - Monty

Red - Felix

Breakfast is 7am. 90 minute prep time begins.

130 orders each. Satisfied customers will hang their team colour tag on the door. Whoever gets the least tags faces the pressure challenege.

Blue team is assigned stations. Red team decides together who does what.

Red Felix lays out the board for expediting,s he is a food runner and seems to be organized, however, in prep Ramsay is concerned they do not have enough hollindaise for benedict.
Blue has scorched bacon and uncooked spinach and Monty is shouting at her team which makes Christine concerned that Felix is too quiet. Christine is blind so without verbal communication she is uncertain where her team is at.

7am - service begins.

Blue team has some yelling again/still with Monty and Josh. Both teams are squished into a small kitchen and the shouting and chaos stresses me out as a viewer!

Blue team is sending more food out than red, Christine tells Felix to speak up and get things going. Christine is upset Felix is doing everything herself with no communication, Chef Ramsay tells her the same thing. Everyone is clearly stressed out. I can relate, not that I have done this, I have worked in resturants for years though..... Although Monty is loud and annoying (shouting in 2 languages) they are working it.

Joe checks in with guests to see how they are doing. Blue seems to be doing well.

Red (as Ramsay warned) ran out of hollindaise. Felix tries to drizzle and save which makes Ramsay mad. Christine starts to be more vocal. She ensures everyone is doing what they should.

Blue has quality control issues as Ramsay discovers broken egg yolks, a hair, not enough fresh fruit, etc.

Where blue started strong, they are starting to crumble.

When the results come in

Red - 60%
Blue - 40%

Blue must face pressure test.

Pressure Test
Three are saved from Blue team: David, Frank, and Monty.

Josh is pissed. Ryan is alaso pissed.

The rest of the Blue team are cooking a dessert that terrifies chefs around the world.

Molten Lava Cake. (OMG I ate one last week at Joey's, the inside is so warm and gooey and delicious inside the cake!)

The 4 chefs prepare.

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, eggs, powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon and butter.

They get 4 attempts. Once they have one they think is good they bring it up as the one to be judged.

40 minutes begin.

Editing always has you guessing how it will go...

Tali finished first, Anna, then Josh, and finally Ryan with under 45 seconds to go pulls his from the oven.

He serves a flattened pile of goo. It has no form, it isn't done, it literally looks like a blog of goop.

But form isn't theonly way to rate the food, taste counts too.

Anna and Josh are pulled up first - "pure prefection"

Ryan and Tali are up for elimination. One tastes bad and one looked a mess.

Ramsay asks who ever knows they were the worst to step forward and pass over their apron. After a few moments, Ryan finally stepped forward and passed up his apron.

Ramsay tells him he didn't expect molten soup from Ryan.

and with that the cocky Ryan heads home. Tali is his buddy and probably the only one upset to see Ryan leave.

Were you shocked with who went home? How about how it went down?

What did you think of the team challenege?

I would have loved to eat some of those pressure test foods... mmmm....

Who are you rooting for now?

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