Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Autographed New Moon Script $10k

Remember Casey Ray, the hairdresser who went dumpster diving at a St. Louis hotel and found a New Moon and a Remember Me script? Well, she’s back. Only this time she’s not suing Summit (which she later dropped)or complaining about getting into the premiere costing her oodles of money. This time she is selling the New Moon script that she found that was autographed by the entire cast, her invitation to the New Moon after party, and her ticket to the New Moon premiere.

Question: So what is the minimum starting price for all of this loot that is slated to go up on EBay?

Answer: $10,000 according to the St. Louis Business Journal (who have been following Casey Ray’s story all along.)

Just recently a group auctioning a Robert Pattinson signed guitar couldn’t get the $5,000 minimum asking price for it and the guitar alone was worth half that.

So, the question is $10,000 for a script signed by the entire New Moon cast, and a couple of add ons (granted unique). Do you think she’ll get her asking price and more, or will it go bust?

TY to RobPattzNews for bring the story to our attention.

Mandy's Mind - NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! No one should pay that!!! She seems like a con anyways, and why would you pay so much for a script to a movie you have seen (and can get for FREE) when you didn't even obtain the autographs yourself?

[Via Twilight Lexicon]


Quilt Nut said...

what a joke

mz.yoli said...

EXACTLY! I was thinking that very thing Mandy. Now if she was auctioning an EClipse movie script, yea she could get that much and way more, ofcourse after being bailed out of jail. lol. No ones gives a fart about the script to a movie we all already have the dvd and extras for. duh....and furthermore I only cherish autographs that I aquired myself; the whole point is to have something to remember meeting your fav celebs.

Pincince said...

i bet somehow somewhere there is someone who wil pay it hoping later to make a profit. but with the back story that script from the dumpster has i cant see a buying frenzy.