Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg on Breaking Dawn Script Status

MSN's Twilight Superfan had the privilege of a one one one Q&A with Twilight Saga script writer Melissa Rosenburg during the New Moon DVD release party in Seattle. It's a great interview and here are some highlights.


"Eclipse" comes out June 30. Leading up to that, I'm sure you have been getting so many questions about "Breaking Dawn." There's so much talk about choosing a director -- do you have any thoughts or feelings on that?

MR: You know, it's going to take someone who's got some stamina, because it's either going to be two movies or one very long one. So you're looking at investment of time and focus. Someone who can work on a schedule and on
a budget. And someone who can work with both special effects and the
talent, the actors. It takes a very unique individual who'll be able to
do it.

Do you have any personal feelings about whether you want it to be one or two films?

MR: I personally would love for it to be two films. I feel like there may be too much story to try to tell in one. Those decisions are all being made, but I think it's a lot of story to be told in one.

Have you and Stephenie Meyer talked about it already?

MR: Yeah, we've been going back and forth. We've had story conversations…we're in the thick of it.


"When you are writing your characters' dialog, do you hear Rob or Kristen or Taylor saying the lines in your head, as you
are writing?"

MR: It's funny you should ask, because I've been going through that process. Initially I'll write what I hear in the book, or I'll write the characters as I hear them. And then it goes through drafts; any one line will go through many different drafts. And as soon as it gets to the draft of my picturing Kristen or Rob or Taylor saying it, then I know I'm close. I'll never write a line and that's just the line -- any one line will go through 20, 30 drafts. And it's when I start hearing the actors saying it in my mind, that's when I know I've got it.

What a job to sit around adapting Stephenie's lovely novels and hearing Edward Cullen (Robert's voice) in your head saying things you dreamed! A lucky woman that Melissa Rosenburg!!!

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