Monday, April 5, 2010

Twilight Cast Easter Break Happenings.

We know Robert Pattinson is filming Bel Ami and Taylor Lautner went to a Lakers Game. But what else was going on this Easter with our fave Twi-Cast?

Here’s a bit of a retrospective of what various Twilight stars did over Easter courtesy of Twilight Lexicon.

Peter Facinelli took his family on a well deserved rest to an undisclosed tropical location. Peter Tweeted, “The Easter Bunny left Carribean quarters in their plastic eggs My daughter asked what the exchange rate was.”

Here’s to Peter and family having great quality time together.

Booboo Stewart and his sister Fivel volunteered at a soup kitchen in Los Angeles that will receive a donation if you accroding to Booboo’s Tweet, “Hey if you text MEALS to 40579 to donate $5.00 to LA MissionThanks for the support ask your parents first haha.”

Mandy's Mind - Booboo was also in Vancouver Saturday.

Jodelle Ferland asked for suggestions from her Twitter followers on what she should do with her Easter eggs and she did an Eclispe one.

Bryce spent time with her son.

And Edi Gathegi went to the dogs.

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