Sunday, April 4, 2010

Booboo gets a booboo

So I didn't go to the Booboo Stewart signing on Saturday because of my friend's wedding, but my twitter daughter went and even got an autographed photo for my daughter *sucha sweetie*

Anyways, on the way home frmo the wedding I saw on twitter that Booboo had been sucker punched but chased and held down the kid who hit him until police or mall cops came.


Here are some other reports:

Twifans posted:

The 16-year-old actor’s luck was turned upside down at the signing when a random guy punched him!

Booboo tweeted:

“Hey its a bummer that someone thought it’d be cool to sucker punch me chased him down held him until police came no biggie had a great time.
It all ended up ok, I’m ok. Thanks to everyone.”

Apparently the guy who punched Booboo did it because he didn’t like Twilight.

We have to wonder sometimes…


This is what a witness had to say about the incident:

The guy who punched [] was like 14 or 15 possibly a teenager he was jealous because Booboo is gorgeous!!!! You should of seen Booboo run so amazing he ran like a ninja it was
amazing to look at Booboo is truly Vancouver’s Hero!

Twilight Lexicon reports:

Yesterday Boo Boo Stewart did a fan signing in the Richmond Mall in Vancouver Cananda for fans(see above). All went well until (we are assuming it was Boo Boo) got sucker punched. According to the Mammarazzi1 twitter (the twitter run by Boo Boo’s mom for her kids, Boo Boo and Fivel)”hey its a bummer that someone thought itd be cool to sucker punch me chased him down held him until police came no biggie had a great time” and then in response to a local entertainment photographer who covered the event “thanks, had a great time even though i got punched, it all ended up ok, i’m ok thanks to everyone.” At first we weren’t clear whether the person who was attacked was Boo Boo or his mom, but sentiment seems to indicate that it was Boo Boo (who happens to be incredibly skilled in marital arts). The motive and mental well-being of the attacker is unconfirmed, but clearly they’ve never seen the size of Boo Boo’s dad.

Team Booboo Seth also reported on the "sucker punch incident"

...all of a sudden a teenage guy runs up to him, punches Booboo in the face, then runs away, towards the parking lot. The next thing I see is Booboo running after that guy, followed by Mr. Stewart and Sam (one of the workers at the signing). I followed them to the parking lot. When I get there, I see Mr. Stewart on top of the guy who punched Booboo, and Booboo walking around angrily, and waving his arms around talking to people around him. I walked closer and I saw the red spot on his cheek, so I offered him a band aid....

I overheard Sam talking to two other workers that were there. He said that the guy punched Booboo then Booboo told his dad that guy punched him and Mr. Stewart told Booboo to "run after him". A few more minutes later Booboo came back gave us hugs, and told us he was fine.

For those of you who don't know why this happened. The guy punched Booboo because he didn't like Twilight.

And That's it. I talked to Booboo and Mrs. Stewart and they both said Booboo will come back to Vancouver.

Here's a short interview done by Team Booboo Seth before the incident....

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