Monday, April 5, 2010

The Runaways Release Updates

Many people have been asking me about why The Runaways has been pulled form their local theatre, while others ask when it's coming to their theatre. Things have changed slightly with the plan of limited release (a few theatres) and then wide-release (many theatres) April 9.

I don't know why, or what is going on but the very reliable @Larry411 has this to say about the issue:
The Runaways opened in 244 theaters. Not a wide distribution, to be sure -- most people consider 600+ to be wide -- but certainly more than many limited releases. Instead of expanding the following Friday, it dropped to 237 theaters in its second week. In its third week (the one which just began) it dropped again to 84. By any measure this is not an expansion in number of theaters. The reported plan (after a couple of changes) was to have it open in limited distribution on March 19 and expand wide on April 9. At this writing, the estimated number of theaters being reported at both Box Office Mojo (BOM) and indieWIRE for April 9 is an increase from 84 to 200. Certainly not the wide expansion that had been announced.

What's going on? Taking into account everything discussed above, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out why a wide distribution for this film may have been scaled back or canceled altogether. Based on the reported number, the wide expansion for April 9 is obviously not happening. Clearly, if the 200 theater count number for April 9 is true that's a fact. Some say it's just been delayed and will take place at a later date. Certainly if there is an expansion to 1000 theaters on April 16, or 23, or anytime down the line, it's just happening on a delayed timetable. The answer seems to hinge, in part, on the veracity of the number being reported at BOM and indieWIRE.

You can read the rest here.

Even if The Runaways doesn't make it to your local theater (still, keep your fingers crossed), you can certainly check it out when it comes to DVD!

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Julia said...

I AM SO PISSED I was planning on seeing it this weekend and it's GONE!

Nashville, TN