Sunday, April 4, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse Premiere Announced for June 24

Twifans (along with many other sites) have reported the following for the Twilight Saga Eclipse Premiere:
Summit Entertainment "The Saga: Eclipse" Premiere
(Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, et al.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010 - time TBA
(arrivals are likely to start between 5 PM and 6:30 PM)
at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood

And while this sounds great, many "in the know" are saying the location is not yet confirmed...

Twilight Lexicon also says:

It has just been confirmed that the premiere for The Twilight Saga: Eclispe will take place on June 24, 2010. There was word circulating yesterday that the premiere would be held at Grauman’s Chineese Theatre on June 24, but our confirmation from Summit specifically stated that the location hasn’t been finalized. So don’t book your plane tickets just yet! But go ahead and save the date.

So we have the date for sure, the location still TBD.....

There has been a ton of talk about this on twitter, especially because it is the same week as LAFF. (L.A. Film Festival) Which COULD mean Eclipse is a part of the festival and therefore will be more accessible to fans wishing to see the movie EARLY but not neccessarily better for fans hoping to see the stars. The reason for this would be that film festivals can have multiple venues for screenings and often the VIPs and movie stars are at a private screening. Then again, it could be purely coincidental that it is LAFF that week and Eclipse will have nothing to do with it....

The always helpful @Larry411 tweeted a ton of great information (as always) Here are some key points:

-fans would be much more likely to see it if it's part of the fest. All fest screenings are open to public.

-Festival screenings are always open to the public. So all are "fan" screenings per se. But they can use multiple theaters.

-they can do what they did w Paris & find another venue for a fan screening.

-Rarely do they have a premiere in LA & allow the public in. They are for the actors & guests, etc. VIP invite only.

-I've never heard of a premiere at Grauman's where the public was allowed in or people were allowed to camp out on the street.

-if it's at Graumans fans will likely not be able to get into that screening w the cast etc. or camp out for carpet.

That being said - Who plans to be in L.A. that evening?

After New Moon, I had planned to go for Eclipse, but much like the changes in filming and cast meet/greets between New Moon (accessible) and Eclipse ( & Crazies) I feel like the premiere for Eclipse will be quite different and not so accessible as New Moon was.

I mean we had people camp out for several days for the New Moon Premiere, that sets the bar and I can only imagine (dread) how long girls will go without showers or a running water for Eclipse if given the opportunity....

Bottom Line, I am not planning to go.... but I will be having a kick ass premiere party for Eclipse, if you were here for the New Moon one, just you WAIT for the Eclipse one... hoooo weeeee!!!


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Anonymous said...

I don't believe Eclipse will be part of
a festival. It will be a stand alone
premiere with fans having access and cot
space as needed. Nothing is going to be done
that might rock the Twilight fans boats.