Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Silent Misery" by Candace Charee' on Eclipse Soundtrack?

I saw rumours that UK singer Florence Welch may be included on the Eclipse soundtrack and wanted to share Candace Charee's actual song with Twilight Fans so they can get a possible sneak peak into the soundtrack....

My fingers are crossed for Candace!!!

I know the soundtrack has not been finalized but is apparently close so hopefully she will get information soon.

Also here is UK singer Florence Welch also rumoured to have submitted songs for the Eclipse soundtrack.

Pre-Order Eclipse Soundtrack:
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack

I can't wait for this:

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Anonymous said...

Candace is so amazing.. her lyrics to the "Twilight" saga are amazing and are more descriptive and related to the movie unlike other artists I have heard..(ex. Paramore) excuse me for insulting anyone..Just listen to her songs starting from "The Smell of Your Skin"...then judge..