Monday, April 5, 2010

Awesome Fan Encounter with RPattz

This was on LiveJournal:

26th February, Oxford Circus, London.
The day before this I was sitting happily at home in my Robsten BAFTA afterglow, when I recieved a phone call from my darling cousin in London telling me she seen Rob and Kristen at a pub the night before. Maybe I screamed down the phone for a good 5 minutes but who wouldn't. I then came onto Twitter and saw multiple news sources that they were indeed at this pub, CUDDLING, KISSING AND SHARING CIGGIES. *dies quietly*

Maybe this was my main reason, but I talked my Mum into letting me go see my cousin claiming I 'missed her and the family' and 'hadn't seen them in such a long time' Yeah right I just wanted to breath Robsten air. :) (My cousin also lives in the same area as Rob, Barnes is the place to be ;D She knows his sisters, she's a lucky girl I know!)

So I went off on my jollies from Liverpool to Barnes via plane on the day of the Alice in Wonderland premiere. I wanted to go but arrived too late. :( Sad times, so I just spent the evening being excited within Mr Pattinson's hometown. :) (Because I'm that sad)

I literally, forced my cousin to go on a pubcrawl in the night. I then forced her to go to the pub she saw Robsten at. (The weridness does not stop there) So we go to this pub and I demand my cousin tell me where Kristen sat so I could sit in the exact same place (I told you I was weird). It excited me to no end.

After I got over myself (which was like a million hours later), we continued our pub crawl. We go past this place called the Macbeth and my cousin is like, 'wanna go there?'. It looked really boring and just like a little family pub so I rejected and we continued our pubcrawl.

I then wake up the next morning to find out... ROBSTEN WHERE AT THE MACBETH THAT NIGHT! AND I REJECTED GOING IN THERE. I've never been so devastated in my whole entire life. :( Missing out on Rob is one thing but Kristen too? That's just heartbreaking.

The end result of my story. :) Yeah the little kiss on the end made me more happy than it should.

Wow I talk waaaaaay too much. But yeah, that's my story. I like detail, if you can't tell. It was a good day. So I missed them at the pub *dies inside* I got to meet Rob again. (Kristen would have been better! ;D) But shhhh, don't tell the fangirls. I'm grateful for any encounters I have.

So yeah, fan encounter number 2. I should really just move to London and live in my cousin's house, although she doesn't condone stalking. Pfft, she doesn't know what she's missing.

Once again well done if you read all this. I really like you. :)


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