Monday, April 5, 2010

Nikki Reed says Breaking Dawn will be in Vancouver

Nikki Reed was at Yotam Solomon’s Fashion Event this weekend.

Young Hollywood asked her a few questions about her style choices for the evening, current interests (traveling and learning Greek and Spanish, perhaps with her beau Paris Latsis?)

Nikki Reed also talked about what fans can expect to see from her character in Twilight Saga Eclipse.

She explained that the film "really explore[s] my character's back story . . . so there's a lot of stuff from the early 1900's, the 1930's."

Mandy's Mind - So excited for this! From what we saw being filmed, it will certainly be interesting seeing Rosalie and Jasper's back story at the very least, perhaps more?

Amanda Bell reports that:
When speaking of the Twilight saga cast ensemble and how they're gearing up for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Reed stated that they are "all sort of like a family. You know, we started this thing together, and we're going to finish together . . . We love each other, we see one another when we're not shooting. So, we're looking forward to going back to Vancouver to make another one."

Mandy's Mind - Sounds like a lot of the cast believe it will be filmed here.

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