Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jodelle Ferland on Urban Rush

"I was allowed to read it because obviously I was playing Bree Tanner, so they wanted me to have sort of you know background for me to be able to play her better. So, I was allowed to read the story, but I actually had to go to set to read it. I couldn’t have a copy . . . I had to sit in a trailer with somebody there with me at all times," she said.

Ferland also talked about how the photograph of herself with the burnt ashes from the Bree Tanner novella came to be.

"After I read the story, we were supposed to destroy, get rid of it. But since we were filming on location, we didn’t have a shredder or anything . . . we could just burn it . . . It was really fun. We sent it to Stephenie.”

Ferland went on to talk about how even after she was cast for the picture she was not allowed to reveal the name of the character she was slated to portray, even despite the fact that most fans had already put two and two together about that piece of information.

Finally, Ferland discussed the possibility that the Bree Tanner story could become its own film, saying “That would be pretty amazing. I don’t know exactly what their plans are."


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