Friday, July 16, 2010

Mr. Nobody Review

I was given screening passes to Mr. Nobody and to be honest, I had no idea what it was. After checking online I became excited that it starred Jared Leto and seemed to have an abstract plot spanning generation.... sounds interesting.

We arrived late and though I missed the first bit, I don't think it would have changed my opinion of the film much... In two words...

Strangely Wonderful

The content itself is so bizarre, a man, the oldest man in the world in fact, is 120 and the last mortal human in the future world where people never die.

He is reluctantly telling a story to a reporter which leads to a number of flashbacks and flashside ways (to use a "Lost" idea) where we explore this man, Mr. Nemo Nobody, from pre-birth to now. What is exhausting is the various lives he may or may not have lived.

We see him at several cross-roads where he examines his choices and if simply not making a choice is the best answer.

Confusing to follow, the film goes through many lives and sub-lives of oneman who quite obviously could not have lived all these adventures.

While some compain there is lack of development of any one "life" i disagree. I felt connections to most characters simply because of their very real possibility. From a wife who is depressed, to a death, to loost love, to found love all basic emotions and experiences of life are encountered by Nemo...

Cinematically, the film was stunning. I especially enjoyed the different angles and shots it was visually appealing and interesting....

I would recommend seeing this film, in fact, I want to see it again as it is a complicated twisted tale that stretches your thinking in ways that are fun and intricate.

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Anonymous said...

It´s 01:50 at night. Just finished watching this movie. So..., what is it about? I think everyone will have his own version.
As for me, it left a GOOD taste in mouth. Like when you happen to buy an old book in an antiquities shop, you open it - it smells GOOD. Even without knowing if You will like the book or if You will cach the idea the writer was trying to pass. Good...
I think I will see it again one day.