Monday, July 12, 2010

Breaking Dawn 3D? Discuss...

Breaking Dawn as 3D would it work?

First, here is an article from MTV After is a blurb on my honest thoughts...

Summit Entertainment understands the importance of 3-D. Still, there continues to be rampant speculation about whether "Breaking Dawn," will open as a 3-D release when the first of a two-part finale arrives in theaters next year. But now, another movie on the studio's lineup may provide some clues about where Summit will take the "Twilight Saga."

"They're completely fascinated and intrigued by the technology," said director Patrick Lussier, who recently wrapped production on Summit's 3-D action flick "Drive Angry." "I think Summit has been discovering, as they've been seeing the 3-D material and the ease we've been able to work with it, is that it's an incredibly viable format to work in."

So will Summit's "Drive Angry" experience — the movie was shot using 3-D cameras rather than converted in post-production — combined with the fate of "Eclipse" at the box office , convince them to deliver their biggest 2011 release in three dimensions?

"That decision has yet to be made," Summit distribution head Richard Fay told MTV News. "It's still the source of a discussion."

While those talks inevitably touch on technological hurdles and monetary interest — owing to the premium-ticket prices that 3-D flicks command — Fay emphasized that the studio is more focused on creative concerns.

"There's certainly a financial part of the discussion," he said. "And yes, there's a certain amount of technology that has to be considered and accounted for. But it really comes down to the creative folks."

"In any of these roundtables conversations, [Summit CEO] Rob Friedman has always been concerned about the 'Twilight' patron," Fay added. "His concern is always the people that come in to see this movie. He doesn't want to turn them off or offend. That's why it's a creative decision. A big factor is the perception of our audience. What are their feelings going to be? If it lends itself to being a better movie because of 3-D, then that's the technology we'll use."

What are your thoughts on "Breaking Dawn" in 3-D? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Mandy's Mind

Honestly, I wouldn't want Breaking Dawn in 3D. I saw Eclipse in IMAX and didn't really think it suited an IMAX. For one, I prefer IMAX with wide landscapes and not mostly close-ups. mAdditionally, the battle was difficult to follow because there was too much happening in all corners of the screen. The movie is great, but I enjoyed it more on the small screen as opposed to IMAX (with the exception of IMAX RObward and Taycob)

Moving forward, I can see 3D is the next step but in reality I think it's too much of a jump. To me, good qualities of 3D are having things jump towards you and fly past you and you move through. I can't think of how or what in Breaking Dawn is suited for this type of feel.

Can you imagine Renesmee's birth(already controversial) in 3D? Maybe Bella in her wedding dress walking down the aisle towards the audience? Feathers falling around us (ok actually, THAT part sounds cool - if it was 4D with actual feathers falling ha ha - but I digress)

There is always a WAY to make it 3D but is it always a GOOD WAY? I don't want scenes forced to make them work 3D....

Examples of 3D I enjoyed are Alice in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole, walking out the cliff towards us in the audience etc. or My Bloody Valentine's axe plnging at my head, or most animated movies (Toy Story, How to train a gragon, Up, etc.) since they can have characters that are already unreal, do the unreal such as fly towards you or jump through the screen.

Fuel Your Motionography posted this article on 3D last year:

Another string to the 3D bow is that there is the potential to take audiences into the reality on the screen. I recently watched a 3D horror movie and people were jumping in their seats and grabbing in the air. There was a fun, social energy in the auditorium; one that I have never experienced with a 2D movie. 3D undoubtedly makes what we are seeing more vivid and dare I say it, real. We can almost touch the world the characters exist in, and there have been a few rare moments where I felt like I was at the same table as the characters I was watching.

Of course, as the same article points out, 3D can cause motion sickness and it also allows even horribly bad movies (such as My Bloody Valentine in my opinion and inthe article's example Final Destination 3) do well at the box office because of the 3D factor....

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn does not NEED the extra appeal of 3D at the box office... nor does it need to change whats not broken... it will do well regardless of it's format... which brings me to my closing point...

Regardless if it is 3D or not fans will go see it... 3D may bring in some other fans interested in the 3D appeal which is the newest trend, but I think it will lose some too (those who get motion sickness may only go once, or more will wait for dvd, or not pay the extra ticket price to see multiple times)

Personally, I would go at least 3x but I enjoy 3D - I just fear that Breaking Dawn isn't the rght kind of movie to go the 3D route... especially not exclusively 3D

What do you think?

**EDIT - Wow! What an idea.... 3D after Bella turns. Thanks to thos eyou emailed me and commented below with this idea... I hadn't even thought of it but I love it.. what a neat way to show how Bella's perspective changes.... 3D and detailed and clear... some suggested animated parts like Avatar and though the idea sounds strange I can that vision working... I'd be scared, it's a risk and if they messed it up it would be horrible, but... if they mastered it - wow what an amazing creation that could be!!!


Twilightchick said...

I am not a fan of 3-D at all, but I know that it is becoming more popular now I would be ok with it being 3-D if they did offer the film in 2-D as they do lots of other movies that have been released lately like Last Airbender and toy story. As long as I can see it in 2-D they can have one in 3-D

Quilt Nut said...

personally i'm not a fan of 3D movies; i always seem to get almost motion sickness and the 3D effect always hurts my eyes. must be old age lol!

RenezzmeeKarlie said...

I'm one of those fans that 3D makes me motion sick. It sucks. I feel that it would not be fair to those of us who suffer motion sickness if Breaking Dawn was in 3D. I for one, like many, have followed Twilight from the beginning and the thought of not being able to see it in the theater makes me cry. I'm a very Loyal Fan, and am just sickend at the thought of Breaking Dawn in 3D. I pray, Summit leaves Breaking Dawn in 2D. Besides, I dont' feel that it should be a creative decision, it should be The FANS decision! After all, WE ,The Fans, have made the movies a success.
As for repeated movie theater views, my daughter & I seen Twilight, New Moon, at least 10 times each, Eclipse we are working our way up there, 4 so far. As long as BD is NOT 3D, we will see it every bit as much, maybe more. So, I don't want to be cheated out of Breaking Dawn.

Ayesha said...

I'm not a fan of 3D and I'm definitely against Breaking Dawn in 3D. I normally skip the 3D option but when I went to see the Last Airbender in 3D. It was horrible. I kept taking the glasses off to see if the movie was really in 3D. There was more 3D in the previews!!!!

But as I remember Breaking Dawn, part 1 especially is mostly talk. So 3D would be a waste of time, money and energy. And as much as I love Renesmee, I don't want her jumping out at me!!!

LoCullen said...

I agree w/u 3D or not 3D i'll go to watch it. But i really don't want Summit turn this las two movies on 3D, do we really want to see Bella delivering Reneesme on 3D?!!!!!... well i don't, what i'd love to see on 4D wil the feathers scene and the rebirt scene. And i think Breaking Dawn isn't material to 3D. Z

Kitty said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The content of Breaking Dawn is the most sensitive of all the books and it would be a disservice to the story to try to sensationalize it in 3D. Spend that money on better wigs, costumes (I'm still stunned that they put Bella in a chambray shirt and jeans for the graduation party!) Maybe spend it on a better costume designer. Anyway, there are much better ways to spend the money. BD - 3D - NO!

Anonymous said...

make sure they make a really REAL GOOD MOVIE before they suggest that it's going to be 3D or else it'll just ruin it!

Charlie and/or his Mum said...

I avoid 3D movies. They make me feel ill.

I even had trouble with Eclipse in places because the camera operator had shaky hands on some of the close ups. Second time I saw it, I made sure I was sitting near the back so it wouldn't be so jarring.

Anonymous said...

The second part of breaking dawn would work in 3D in my opinion. But it would have to be made (only in part when Bella wakes up and starts discovering world around her like a vampire) directly from Bellas perspective and with Avatar like CGI. Imagine the world we wold see through her eyes! Jasper with scars, the speed when she's jumping and running...
I think if they make it right it would be magical.

The first part wouldn't work, there's just notking to show in 3D in that part (specialy not renesmee's birth).

NGravey said...

i agree, i think that breaking dawn should stick to being 2D, its tried and tested and there is nothing wrong with it.

on a side note, i for one hate 3D movies, i hate the massive hype everyone seems to have over them, arguably the biggest 3D movie ever will be coming out in november (HP7pt1), and and all of my potter fan friends will not be seeing it in 3D.

3D takes something away from the story, with a 2D movie you can get sucked into the drama and the action, with a 3D film its all coming to you, and you cant observe it all.

well thats my opinion.

Ranelle said...

I read that it was a possibility to have 3D once Bella is a vampire. I think this is a great idea. Obviously just making Kristen up to look like a vampire doesn't work very well (see the running scene in New Moon) so what a great idea to make everything 3D once she begins to see the world as a vampire! I guess that would probably make Part Two 3D... Anyway, I think 3D would make a great tool to show us how the world has changed to Bella (she is the narrator after all...)