Monday, May 17, 2010

Creation's Official Twilight Convention Vancouver Highlights

I attended my second Twilight Convention this weekend and was again pleased with the amazing event.

Although Seattle was a blast in January, it was nice being in my home town for the convention this time.

I have several interviews, photos, personal stories, summaries and wrap-up's to post and promise to spend the whole day blogging tomorrow to get tshare them with you.

I am exhausted after an action packed weekend but let me give you a few quick highlights...

  • Meeting Cameron Bright, Peter Facinelli, Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Catherin Hardwicke, Daniel Cudmore and Jodelle Ferland. It was my first time meeting Catherine so personally that was a major highlight (and I have a really cool story to share tomorrow about meeting her also!0

  • Meeting other Tiwlight fans who were passionate, excited and so fun to spend time with. It was especially nice to put faces to twitter names. Also super to see familiar faces again!

  • Amazing Creation Staff & Volunteers who were organized, professional and made the weekend go so smoothly. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.

  • Auction Items including autographed items and tickets. There was such a massive collection of items and great deals for many bidders.

  • Prizes. There was trivia contest daily and a costume contest Sunday (Which I got to guest judge with the ladies from Twilight Lexicon) and a draw and at the Volturi Ball Saturday Night there was a dance contest, Costume Contest & Center piece Contest. I know a girl who won $300 to spend as she wished on merchandise!

  • Volturi Ball. This was so much more fun than I imagined. The Hillywood Cast hosted and trivia winners were part of the Vampire Court and had professional make-over's and a chance to dance with the Twilight celebrities. There was a cash bar, lot's of snacks and water and soda for everyone and everything from contests, to dancing, to photo ops. A DJ had great tunes and everyone mingled and had a blast.

  • Brunch & Auction. A few friends who attended this told me Peter Facinelli & Cameron Bright both spent about 20 minutes at their table. There was a fantastic breakfast buffet of pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, baked goods, coffee, eggs, smoothies and more!

    I have so much more to tell you about. Specific stories and funny moments but I do need some sleep because I can tell you I slept very little this weekend I was too busy enjoying time with other fans.

    Please check back tomorrow for complete summaries of each celebrities Q&A as well as photos and cool stories.

    I plan to attend Creation's L.A. Twilight Convention where Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are scheduled to appear as well as a number of other Eclipse cast. Hope to see you there!

  • For now, here is a quick photo of myself with the awesome cast of Hillywood at Saturday Night's Volturi Ball. They were so great to pose with all the fans for a photo op - look who my date is? ha ha

    More Tomorrow - Much More!

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