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Q&A with Daniel Cudmore at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Q&A with Daniel Cudmore.
Daniel arrived looking sexy in his hat. He truly is so tall and sexy. A friend said he reminded her of Dane Cook in his hat and with all his quirky humour.

Charlie Bewley couldn't make it as scheduled and asked Daniel to tell us he was very sorry. I was sad that Charlie didn't make it, however, I had been tweeting Dan all week asking him to come so I was really thrilled to see him there, especially since he is local!

I remember in Seattle he and Charlie were SO funny together, but I enjoyed him solo as he didn’t have Charlie stealing the spotlight ;) ha ha!

Please understand he jokes a lot so it may not come across reading the words but I assure you in person we were all laughing and having a great time!

Here is a summary of what Dan talked about in Vancouver:

- He has done more movies and films than telelvision.

- His fave place in Vancouver is biking on the sewall, except for walkers in the bike lane

- He originally auditioned for the role of the “biker” Bella meets after the movies. He got a call back that he missed and so when he did go in he still had no idea he was doing a 2nd audition but for a new character, Felix. He did a cold read and the rest is history.

- His fave Twilight book is Eclipse because of the battle scenes. It used to be New Moon because he would read it and say “ooh sweet there I am”

- He loved seeing the fight scenes and the wolves. He joked about if he was a wolf he’s truly be a GIANT wolf

- He doesn’t have a favourite colour. He could say blue but then green would be all “what’s up?” He said rainbow before (It was in Seattle, I recall) and Charlie made fun of him (In Seattle this happened, of course rainbow is the symbol of gay pride, so Charlie pretended to be frisky with Daniel, I posted photos and story here) So now he just says he doesn’t have a favourite colour.

- If he could be a different Volturi it would be Jane. He’s sick of her always picking on everyone and would like to not be a giant vampire who always gets beat up by a girl.

- He said it was really hot in Italy and he feared he would pass out.

- Makeup wasn’t too bad it only took an hour or so but the contacts made it hard to see in your peripherals so he worried he would accidentally really hit Rob and knock him out.

- The stunt guy for Rob in New Moon was actually a friend of Dan’s and he had bruises from being thrown around a lot. He said there was a space just the right size for his head when he threw him down and was thankful he didn’t miss. Dan says they are still friends – phew!

- If he could go back and tell himself something he says he wouldn’t change a thing, then he jokes “maybe a few nights I should have just gone home” He then reconsiders “maybe to eat a bunch of junk food and stunt my growth so I would get more roles” Awwn… he mentioned in Seattle also that his height actually hinders him in acting because he is often told he is “too tall” for a role.

- He says he isn’t noticed too much and usually flies under the radar. Mostly people will just stare with that look like “Where do I know him from?” and if it’s in Vancouver, especially when his hair is grown out, they assume he is a hockey player.

- He won’t share any juicy stories about Charlie Bewley because he says it would only start a war and Charlie would retaliate with juicy stories about him and he doesn’t want that. He does say that Charlie makes him laugh, they get along great and he has a ginormous head, not necessarily in an egotistical way but in the actual size of his melon.

- If he could be a woman for one day he would go to naked yoga (Hey Daniel, you can come as you are, we won’t mind!)

- Any nicknames? “Cuddles” he says, though his brother got it too and he isn’t very cuddly. (It has to be because of their last name Cudmore) He says he used to be a short, chubby kid but then he started growing and didn’t stop. It was like his arms and legs were stretched and he was clumsy like a deer on ice (Awn Bambi)

- A Fan asked about White Spot (a restaurant) and he jokes about their “Triple – O sauce”

- Before acting his fave job was as a “petroleum flow engineer” aka gas attendant. He worked in Squamish which is a party town and he would literally work 3 hours shifts after school then go party at the lake with people he had met coming through on their way to party.

- Upcoming Projects? Indie Film A Night for Dying Tigers directed by Terry Miles. (I looked into this, he plays Dave and co-stars include L-Word’s Jennifer Beals and the original 90210’s “Claire” actress, Kathleen Robertson)

- He loved the cast, he says Dakota is 16 but so much more mature than he is, Sheen is amazing to watch because he is so professional and talented. He said Charlie and him are very close, Cam is cool Jamie is funny and always happy and Chris is a blast. He said the Volturi are like a “cool little family”

- When asked about where to shoot Breaking Dawn he said obviously he loves Vancouver but he doesn’t know or decide those things.

- He grew up in Squamish and went to Howe Sound Secondary. He says there were no sports because noone wanted to come all the way out to their small town for a game, so he took a lot of drama.

- His dream role would be a remake of Spaceballs or a wacky comedy with Jack Black or Will Ferell. He isn’t sure he could do it because everytime Will Ferell looked at him with his beady lil eyes he’d probably crack up laughing. (For the record, Dan is so funny I would LOVE to see him in a comedy!)

- When asked where he shops he says “Not Big & Tall, I don’t wear sweater vests” He says he loves Australian stores because they have stuff that fits him. He wants real jeans not capris but stores in Vancouver look at him crazy when he asks for 36 length or size 14 shoes. (Yes ladies, size 14!)

- He loved the wire work in Eclipse, he was floating around, which was cool but his feet would drag or get caught on everything, meanwhile Dakota would start floating sideways and just keep going so professional despite being spun around the wrong way

- He says Rob is funny and Kristen is a sweetheart, both are very cool and down to earth.

- He had a nice conversation with fans about toxic candy like the ones that make your mouth bleed but you are thinking “yum” (flying saucers) or the giant gobstoppers you used to jam in your mouth and suck on then wrap in tissue which would always lead to picking off bits of tissue before you ate it again, or eating tissue.

- He watched Friends, but he doesn’t own the box set…. So he had to think about his fave “Friends” moment – he chose Ross and the leather pants. It reminded him of his outfit in X-Men, to which a fan asked “wasn’t that spandex?” ha ha “No I don’t look good in spandex, it was leather”
- Dan (sadly) is not single… though he did say “I am not single but I am also not married” ha ha

-He hasn’t done stand-up comedy but would like to – or as he says “maybe sit down comedy” ha ha The crowd thinks he should do I t- he had us laughing the entire time!

Here he is after his dance at the Volturi Ball.

He was so nice at the Volturi Ball posing for photos and chatting with fans

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great time. Love Daniel. I see you have a picture of Him and Miranda...hey Miranda!!! I was there! totally in love with Daniel Cudmore. You got it all! great writeup. Love Ravynwolfe