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Q&A with Bronson Pelletier at Vancouver Twilight Convention

I plan to get a summary for each Q&A as well as a report on each day's activities, photos and interviews - but I am still recovering from an action packed weekend so please be patient as I upload all my photos and get my posts up as qquickly as I humanly can.

I tweeted all weekend so feel free to scroll through my feed to read, but I will include a summary here for each session as well as photos and other bits I may have not tweeted. Also my tweeted photos are here.

Bronson Pelletier was the first guest and he came out to do fans QUestions & Answers. If you go to a convention be sure to fill out and submit questions for each guest.

It's really neat because Hillywood reads your questions to the celebrity and calls your name and seat number. Sometimes you even get to ask the question yourself!

Here's a summary of the Q&A with Bronson:

What 3 things could he not live without?
Pillow, video games and.... a toothbrush.

What was his fave Eclipse Scene to film?
A scene that involved them eating chicken and joking around a chicken was flying out of their mouthes everywhere

What are Rob, Kristen & Taylor like?
Kristen is an excellent girl, great actress. Taylor is so funny but if he has too much sugar he gets really hyper. He only had a few scenes with Rob.

If he wasn’t an actor what job would he like to have?
A Chef

What music is on his ipod?
He lost his ipod but he had all kinds of music, even country. Everything from hip-hop, house, everything.

Who is he closest with of the cast?
He has a great friendship with the wolf-pack they bonded the most. On set they called them the monkeys because they had so much energy and just always had a good time joking around.

If he could be a Cullen who would he be?

After working out so much and filming what food did he indulge in afterwards?
A giant cheeseburger with extra bacon, extra cheese and apple pie. Chaske loves apple pie he always gets it.

How was the audition process?
When he auditioned it was for Embry and he didn’t know they were werewolves or that it was Twilight. He just knew it was called “New Moon” not Twilight Saga New Moon. He got a call-back for Wuil and was excited. He went in for a rough audition and had to re-do it. When he got a call from his agent he was so excited he ran into a Shell gas station and told the cashier because he just HAD to tell someone. But he wasn’t allowed to say what so he was jumping around excited telling the Shell employee he got cast in an “Untitled Sports Movie”

Mandy’s Mindat this point the crowd erupted with laughter not only because of the story but because during New Moon we all recall seeing signs and hearing from set production people that it was “just an untitled sports movie filming here” ha ha

What is craziest fan experience?
After photo ops he finds weird things in his pockets like phone numbers. In Germany girls were so excited they were shaking the fences as they walked by.

What did he think of himself in wolf form?
He saw the wolf form mid-filming. There were posters on the wall of each wolf as well as a huge 3D wolf as big as a horse. He also said they “laser-machined” all the wolf-pack to use their real eyes in the wolf form. (We knew that right?)

Where would he take someone for a date locally?
He says they’ go eat on Denman Street and make their own ice-cream then watch the sunset at English Bay.

Is he single?
Not right now

Any Upcoming Projects?
He has some auditions and parts TBA

Where is his favourite place to travel?
He backpacked through Central America when he was 18 and he Loves Guatemala

How did he prepare to film each scene?
He jokes they would howl. Then admits they would just get really pumped up, like all do a bunch of push-ups or something right before filming a scene.

Is there a movie he wished he had been in?
He says maybe Halo because he loves the video game.

What is his favourite local place?
English Bay and Whistler

Did he like filming locally?
It was great because he got to show everyone around but he didn’t get a hotel or per diem he just stayed at home which was kind of a drag. He really enjoys the “perks” of staying in a hotel.

Did he take drama in school?
He says he didn’t do high school theatre but he started acting when he was 15. At that age you ar eonly allowed to work 8 hours but he then had 5 hours of school work to do so it was a lot of work and very long days.

What is Kristen Stewart like?
She’s really “chill” Bronson said, “we are all wild and she’s down to earth” professional, very “cool-chick”

When was the moment he knew he wanted to be an actor?
He was just a child living in Port Coquitlam at the time and they were filming X-Files down the street so he went to check it out. He met David Duchovny. A few kids were waiting to meet him and the production crew gave them oreo’s while they waited. For some reason Bronson put 3 in his mouth at once and then David Duchovny was coming and he couldn’t talk so he quickly spit them into his hands before David arrived. Well, David was shaking everyone’s hands and when he got to Bronson, he didn’t know what to do so he explained what happened and David just laughed and gave him a hug. It was then he thought that acting would be such a cool job.

Where did he grow up?

Did he go to any Olympic Events?
He didn’t go to any games but he went to one party at Canvas Lounge and he saw the torch in Whistler.

When will he return to Australia?
Maybe in August

What is his favourite drink?
Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. A little girl in the front shares this love and he high-fived her.

Where will Breaking Dawn film? Do you want it here?
He says he doesn’t know but it would be cool to come back here again to film.

Favourite Food?
Spaghetti. He loves pasta.

Have you got a wolf-pack Tattoo yet?
He jokes he has but admits he hasn't and will wait until after filming.

Where did they film the cliff-diving scene?

Tofino and Studio

What sports does he love?
Snowboarding and kick-boxing

What song will he sing at karaoke?
He says he is introducing but jokes he may sing some Shania Twain

A little girl asked “Will you have a girlfriend in Eclipse?”?
He said “I hope so”

How does television compare to films?
He says filming is a steady pace where they shoot, reset, shoot, reset but television is very grueling. Movies have more waiting between sets, especially Twilight because they had bronze up their bodies and do touch ups. He talked about how the bronzer would end up on his clothes or sheets later.

Has he always wanted to play a supernatural character?
After seeing Underworld he knew he wanted to play a werewolf not a vampire.

When asked to howl he said Kiowa does a better job but he did it for us anyways.

His Favourite Colour is Blue

His first audition was last minute. A friend invited him to come “in 45 minutes” to an audition. He had no photos, no agent and felt really uncomfortable. He went in and had to make a paper airplane and “improvise” which he didn’t know the meaning of at the time. So he just went with it and he nailed it. At the end he threw the airplane and it flew right past the camera perfectly. They called him a few hours later and he got the part doing arts & crafts on television.

What was it like being thrown off the cliff?
He said it was scary because they started just jumping off 30 ft scaffolding, then once he felt confident they used 50 feet then finally they THREW him off 50 feet.

Starbucks or Tim Hortons? Huh or Eh?
Time Hortons (Canadian thing) and he says both “eh” and “huh”

Has he ever been star-struck?
He said he got to sit with Samuel L Jackson for an hour and chat while both were filming in Alberta and he was completely starstruck.

What is his favourite hockey team?
Canucks and he can’t believe they are out of the playoffs

A little gil asks if he will sing karaoke with her tonight and he agrees.

Stay Tuned for More Photows from the weekend as well as Summaries of Q&A, Interviews, and personal stories.

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