Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Q&A with Jodelle Ferland at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Jodelle was so sweet. She is very young but has been acting for several years. Here is a summary of her firt ever Q & A at Creation’s Official Twilight Convention.

What did she do between scenes?
We worked on thi 1000 piece puzzel that was really hard.

What was it like working on Supernatural?
She said it was fun. She had been nervous but everyone was really nice and she got autographed photos. She only had scenes with one of them but met them both. (Jared & Jensen)

What’s her fave store to shop at?
She loves shopping everywhere. She loves Aritzia and the mall. Stitches, Sirens, everywhere.

How did she feel when she got the part?
She was excited. She knows the main cast gets a lot of attention and she doesn’t expect that but she knew it was a great role and she is excited for the movie to come out. She doesn’t mind saying hi to fans.

Most Embarrassing Moment?
She has lot’s she would rather not share.

How are Twilight fans compared to other fans?
Twilight fans are super enthusiastic compared to other fans.

How was the outfit for Eclipse?
She loved being done up as a vampire. She especially liked the red contacts and seeing herself in the mirror. It wasn’t too much make-up to make her pale because she is really pale already.

How was it playing three characters in Silent Hill and did she have a favourite?
She loved the darker evil role most. She didn’t think it was difficult because she often does multiple projects at once so it was like working on three movies/characters/roles at once just in one movie.

Upcoming Projects?
She talked about "Everything's Coming up Rosie" where she plays an autistic girl. You can get a copy of the short film here.

How was the audition process?
She was so excited to get an audition for Eclipse. She got a call back and became even more excited. She did a 2nd audition at the call-back for David Slade and when she got the part, she was so excited.

If she could have any of the special vampire powers which would it be?
After a bit of thought she said Jasper’s because she would like to calm people down if the got mad at her.

How will her life change after Eclipse comes out?
She says it has already changed, she is here at the Twilight Convention. She expects she will be recognized more and travel more for promotion, which she is excited for.

How did Stephenie Meyer’s novella help with her role as Bree?
(This was the Question I submitted)
She said “oooh you guys will LOVE it” She said it was so exciting to learn first that it exsisted and then that she got to read it. She said it really helped her with her character of Bree because she had no back story for her and the novella really helped.

Fave Super hero?
She likes Iron man but mostly for Robert Downey Jr. She just got a t-shirt.

Does she prefer filming movies or television?
She likes them equally.

Fave costume ever?
She has had lot’s and had to think. She said she liked her stargate costume most because she started as a princess and by the end of the episode she was a queen and had a beautiful dress and tiara.

Which is her fave Twilight Book?
She has read them all and her fave is Breaking Dawn.

Would she rather be a wolf or a vampire?
There are pros and cons to each, but vampires don’t eat so she would probably be a wolf for that reason.

Hardest part about filming?
The weather. Rainy, Cold and a lot of outdoor shoots. They would all hide under the tarp to stay dry.

When did she start acting?
When she was about two.

She talked about how she has known Cameron Bright for a long time. He popped his head out to listen to what she said about him. It was cute.

Did she do any cool stunts in Eclipse?
She said she isn’t really allowed to say anything but she can say something so it seems like she is saying something but she isn’t.…. and then she said “It’s not a spoiler to say Bree surrenders at the end and it’s just really cool”

Any role she wish she had or a movie she would have liked to be in?
She said Harry Potter, even though she isn’t British she would loved to have been in that movie.

She said she loved meeting the Twilight cast because she had been a fan before she got the role and now was working with them.

Does anyone else in her family act?
Her brother and sister used to but she is the only one still doing it.

What’s on her ipod?
It broke. She did have Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Beatles and her friends band Behind Sapphire.

Fave muffin or baked good?
She has a lot of allergies. She is allergic to wheat.

What is her background?
She is not asian though a lot of people ask her that. She says she can’t recall exactly but she is mixed with a lot of things.

Celebrity Crush?
She doesn’t really have one but Johnny Depp is her fave actor.

Fave Fairy Tale?
They are all good but she loves the movie Enchanted

Where is she from?
Born in Naniamo (Vancouver Island, like Cam) and lives in Vancouver.

Fave Volturi?
“Alec of course” she says as she looks around to see if he is still there listening ha ha.

Who is her fave wolf pack?
Jacob of course.

Who has she enjoyed working with?
She said it was cool when she found out she would work with Matthew Broderick because she loved “Inspector Gadget”

Jodelle was adorable. She did a greaat job at her first Twilight Convention, I hope she does more. I can't wait to see her as Bree and to read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga) out June 5.

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