Monday, May 17, 2010

Q&A with Kiowa Gordon at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Here is my summary of the Q&A with Kiowa Gordon.

He came out with red licorice in his mouth looking very relaxed. His hair is a lot longer and he has this laissez faire attitude about him. He is just very chill. I tweeted a few photos of him if you want to see. Most of his answers were pretty short and almost always had a humourous twist to them which will likely not come across as well in reading this – so remember this as you read.

Has he started working out for Breaking Dawn yet?

Craziest Fan Encounter?
A woman asked him to sign her granny panties and when he said no she chased him, but he got away.

Favourite muffin or baked good?
He is a cookie monster

Favourite thing about Vancouver?
He loves Vancouver but it is really cold.

His favourite movie?
Inglorious Bastards

Ideal Acting Job?
As a Star Wars Sith.

Most Embarrassing Moment?
He doesn’t have one. A fan suggests “Granny Panties” he agrees.

Did he and Taylor “TL” hang out?
He says yes and talks about a time they went bowling and a bunch of girls were fangirling over Taylor and had no idea who Kiowa was so they were pointing him out to Kiowa and then realized he was with Taylor.

First purchase with his first cheque?
A 96 Mazda Protégé that he paid cash for with his first cheque. He left it for his brothers to use and they trashed it.

When asked to show his abs.
He said he won’t because there are men in the room and he doesn’t show his body to men (men don’t get to see his abs) except in theatres…. or in the privacy of their own room. (Laughter erupts)

How does his family feel about him being in Twilight Saga?
They are really happy and proud of him… and they want to meet Taylor Lautner.

Upcoming Projects?
He will be in Tennessee this August to film a movie.

At this point he was talking in various accents to answer different questions and the crowd was laughing at him….. or with him… either way there was a lot of giggling.

He spoke a lot about his band Touche and promoted his upcoming appearances with them. He even played the first song they recorded in studio last week for us to listen to. He played air guitar and air drums as it played. He is the “singer / screamer”

How did he hear about role?
He heard about it from Stephenie Meyer at church. He auditioned acting angry and then he actually turned into a wolf without any cgi (again, joking obviously) and he got the role. He originally auditioned for Paul.

Any celebrity Crush?
No, just his girlfriend (who was sitting in audience and also sat beside him for the autoraph signing and came to the Volturi Ball)

Musical Influences?
He has a lot and listed a ton of awesome bands.

He told story of how Bronson though “Cut-off’s” meant cut off sleeved shirts not shorts so he “freaked out” because he hadn’t been working out as much. But they all “manned-up” and “bulked up”

His voice was horse from recording but he howled for us anyway.

How does he pronounce his name? What does it mean?
Key-oh-ah like “Iowa” with a “K” It means courageous

Favourite line from the movie?
Hmm… “I guess the wolf’s outta the bag now” (high pitched voice to imitate Bronson’s)

How does he handle negative stuff online?
He used to write a lot and respond especially IMDB. But not he doesn’t read it so the negative stuff doesn’t matter. “Say what you want, I know what’s true”

Overall Kiowa was very relaxed and funny. The crowd enjoyed listening to him.

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