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Q&A with Peter Facinelli at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Q&A with Peter Facinelli

Here are notes from the session with Peter. He took Questions that were submitted then worked the entire crowd answering questions going long after his end time much to fans delight. Sorry for my delay in posting but as you can see there was A LOT to summarize.


- Eclipse was almost always in the woods. Fight training took 6 weeks one day with trainer and one day learning fight-choreo. He had his daughter come to choero and push a stunt guy who flew across the room as though she had super power strength.

- Working out became an unspoken competition amongst ast to see who could get in the best shape so Peter would do all his fight training and choreo then go to the gym or yoga until one day he was in the elevator and the doors opened and there was Kellan doing pushups while he waited for the elevator “You win” he said.

- When asked who he looks up to he joked “Kellan Lutz” As a kid he looked up to Paul Newman. He has had a lot of actors who he looked up to over the years but "At some point you stop trying to emulate others & hope to do your own thing & inspire others"

- He told the story of how shy he was as a kid and in highschool he didn’t want to be around people so he would order a pretzel from the pretzel lady every day just to avoid the crowds in the cafeteria line.

- if he could be frozen at one age forever he wasn’t sure “somewhere in my 20s… 30s are good too” he randomly chose 26

- He decided to take off his jacket and then joked he was taking off his shirt too. Fans were excited and loud.

- Who’s the better doctor? Dr Cullen has years more experience than Dr Cooper. He says it is funny his two characters talk to each other on twitter. “don't doc block" but overall he thinks Cullen’s better doctor and Coop would be fun to hang out with.

- He says he would love to have a party with all the characters he has played.

- Most Embarrassing Moment? He has them Daily! Recently while coaching his daughters soccer team a fan asked for autograph & so he asked her to wait a moment and then when he sent his team out to play he signed an autograph and chatted. Then he saw his team gather in the field so he ran to join them only to realize it was the wrong team, same coloured uniforms. Oops! He joked the young girls said “Was that Carlisle?”

- Another embarrassing moment was when he was in yoga doing downward dog sweating and wiped his body with a towel and the lady beside him said “um, that is my towel” he felt bad but later during cool down he was laying on a towel and she said “um, that is my towel again” He felt so embarrassed and offered to clean it for him, she said “no I’ll just sell it on ebay” ha ha ha

- Peter talks about how even though Carlisle is a doctor he never seems to be around during the major crisis. A Fan asks where he is, Peter says “Golfing” Dr Cullen misses the dramatic moments, Peter predicts during Breaking Dawn he will come home from golfing and say “WHAT? You chewed out the baby?? I wou;dn’t have done that” ha ha

- Fan asks, “Dr Cullen how do you heal a broken heart?" Awnnnnn Peter says, "only time! But as a vampire you have lots of time" So Cute!

- Peter notices the Jane look-alike in the front row and says “She is giving me the Volturi Stink-Eye” ha ha

What did he whisper to Rob during the Twilight flashback where he turns Edward? The first time: "I'm sorry" then: "be reborn again my son" and the third time: "Rob you’re so sexy" haha Peter thinks they used that take because Rob laughed and in the film it looks like he is about to.

-Peter says if he had to be a werewolf he would be Jacob but it is tough being the best friend who doesn’t get the girl and being in love with a baby gets you jail time in the real world.

-The first celebrity he met was Tori Spelling and he almost dated her. He claims he wasn’t a 90210 fan and he wasn’t trying to date the entire cast. It’s funny he is married to Jennie now and ha almost gone on a date with Tori Spelling.

-He loved doing running and wire work on Eclipse. One scene he said he was on a treadmill running and the treadmill was on a truck moving so it looked really super speed.

-He loved filming the Battle Scenes it was great seeing all their hardwork and training come to life and also to work with second unit which was a different director and crew and felt a bit more relaxed.

-Weirdest Fan Encounter? That morning – he let the fan tell the crowd how (at the brunch) she said “Pull my Finger”

-If he wasn’t an actor he’d work at Blockbuster for the free movie rentals. He loves movies. He considered being a lawyer, “You can’t handle the truth” but realized he liked the drama of a court room. Now he hopes to play a lawyer.

-He has lot’s of RV Stories, a fan suggests he writes a book or movie and tells all of them. He shares a few recent ones with the crowd

-He says he often gets confused with all his travel because family is in L.A. and Nurse Jackie in NYC and Eclipse was in Vancouver and so he had various different hotel room #s and time zones to try and remember and he would get confused. “Where are you going today? “New York!” “You are in New York!” He doesn’t get jet lag because he thinks his jet lag would get jet lag so he just take son whatever time it is where he is regardless. Sometimes he will be early or late for meetings because he has looked at the wrong time zone.

-He uses Skype a lot to talk to family and he would fly home 2 hours to see family from Vancouver because he thought it was the same as a two hour commute to work. Tries to spend every spare moment with his family.

-His “All the single ladies” bet was fun and he is taking requests for the next bet. Someone suggested Naked Bungee Jumping in Naniamo.

-When asked about his fave filming location he says he didn’t know where anything was, but somehow the fans always did – ha ha this made me laugh of course! He says he doesn’t remember set locations, it was like a kidnapping you have to meet at 5am so you wake up at 4:57am and stagger downstairs where you get into a giant white van and driven somewhere in the middle of the forest. He remembers the forests were beautiful and the food and restaurants very good.

-Twilight filming no one really knew them so they went out a lot, Rob would sing open mic and they all just had a great time. New Moon was better but there was paparazzi. Eclipse they couldn’t go anywhere there were so many paparazzi. Peter says he never minds fans, he will put down his fork during dinner to sign an autograph (very kind but I hope his fans let him eat and maybe ask after his meal?) but he doesn’t like the paparazzi who are intrusive and rude.

-During Eclipse they couldn’t go out a lot but Kellan went and bought games and He, Kellan, Ashley and Xavier sat and played the Twilight game. He thought he would win because he is the Twilight-wikipedia but there were a lot of questions about the humans he didn’t know. Ashley won. But he thinks she cheated because Alice can see the future.

-The blonde hair went orange when he did it at home for fun (he likes to change his look a lot) so for Twilight he spent hours in a salon expecting it would look great and he thought it did but it was still kind of orange so they had to do it again.

-He says he isn’t afraid of much growing up in NYC but Portland was scary and he thinks it might be because he had the blonde hair which means he spends a lot of time in the salon and is a sissy. He was walking one day and a guy came up to him “Do I exist?” and then wanted to fight Peter.

-If he could change his name he would want a good strong name like John Harley or Johnny Suave or something. His middle name is Alessandro, He thinks Alessandro Facinelli would only get him Soprano roles.

-Fave Muffin? Choco

-A little girl asked if Rob showers and Peter says he thinks he does shower but goes for the grunge look. Peter guesses it looks like he didn’t take anytime but really it took hours to make his hair look like that.

-As an actor Peter likes to make everything meaningful. In Twilight when he points the bat it’s an homage to Babe Ruth. He likes to think Carlisle came to America when babe Ruth was popular and went to games and met him. He imagines that it’s one of those things where Esme says “enough with the Babe Ruth again” ha ha. Lighting fire to the bowl in New Moon after sweing up Bella was important, not just to look flashy. The scarf he thought may hide previous bites and be a symbol. He takes it off in Eclipse and they decided to do it in a meaningful way so he takes it off before he goes to the wolves for the first time and it is to show he is vulnerable. Everything has purpose.

-Pregnant fan in crowd, her friend asks if he can deliver the baby, Peter says “Inn true Carlisle fashion I will be somewhere else, you’ll have to chew it out” ha

-@vivalamelika asked “Does Carlisle have rock hard abs like Edward?” HE grabbed he hand and put it on his tummy she says “YUP!” Ha Ha Ha

-Catherine Hardwicke inspired him to read Twilight, he really wanted to work with her.

-Peter tells the same story Catherine had about how he got the part in Twilight. He was not cast originally, he sent her a book “50 years of vampire making in Hollywood” when he didn’t get the part and wished her luck. When the original Carlisle couldn’t do it, she saw the book and decided to get Peter. He jokes he “bought the part for $20”

-Peter is Team Edward “He’s my son”

-Superpower he would like to have? Flying

-Even when Hillywood was wrapping it up “Two more questions” Peter kept going for dozens more walking through the crowd talking to fans.

-Peter worked the crowd and gave out tons of hugs

-Jennie is an amazing wife and mother

-Peter wrote a part for his wife and he was going to co-star but Jennie said he “wasn’t right for it” ha ha

-Peter’s final thought: Don’t act for fame, do it for the art

** Also Peter attended the Brunch that morning.

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twiStar said...

OMP (oh my Peter) my fav part is how he is team edward because "he's my son" adorable!

MsRosie said...

Peter is an amazing actor! But Mandy I want to thank you for taking us along! Those of us who are unable to go to these amazing events! Thank you!

Mandy's Mind said...

He didn't even hesitate when asked which team "Edward, he's my son" BAM!

Lisa said...

Thanks, I enjoyed it.