Friday, May 21, 2010

Kristen Stewart vs. Vogue Magazine

I didn't write on this because, to be honest, I have no idea what happened. I have been super busy at work this week and only saw bits of the alleged drama on twitter.

My uneducated thoughts are that Kristen Stewart was going to do Vogue, then they tried to ask her personal questions which she didn't want to do and they pressured her so she decided not to do the interview. Am I right? I really don't know the whole story (well no one does unless they were in the room) but I don't even know the "reported story" so comment below if you have input....

According to Gossip Cop writes:

Maybe HollywoodLife should just stick to (poor) reporting, because every time the site editorializes, an angel loses its wings.

And no one confuses the HollywoodLife crowd more than Kristen Stewart. The site is flummoxed that the actress refuses to do what it wants.

Even when they’re “complimenting” her… they manage to muck it up or just come across as tone deaf.

(Like the decision to call out Stewart as antisocial on the night she helped to raise money for Haiti.)

The buzz this week has been about Stewart’s Vogue story. HollywoodLife’s reaction? Attack!

“The ‘Twilight’ beauty gets glam for ‘Vogue,’ but her attitude towards fame is still as downcast as ever,” comments the site.

Oh boy.

Wearing gorgeous clothes for a renowned photographer, Stewart “still manages to be her shy self” for the writer, HollywoodLife says.

“The actress also manages to enchant the author by dropping lines like ‘I could be happy in a paper bag’ — as she wears over $1,000 worth of clothing,” sneers the site.

Yes, she’s wearing expensive clothing.

For a Vogue photo shoot.

People tend to dress well for those things.

Why, exactly, are casual tastes a problem? Because for HollywoodLife, they demonstrate just how sad Stewart must be.

“We do hope that between your recent big Eclipse payday and devoted hunky boyfriend you are at least feeling cheerful inside!” snarks HollywoodLife.

Perhaps Stewart would be a tad more “cheerful” around writers, if outlets like HollywoodLife stopped chiding her for no reason at all.

Mandy's Mind - I love that Kristen Stewart knows who she is at such a young age. I feel like she is indeed shy, introverted and can come across bitchy BUT (before KstewLovers attack me again) I love that... bitchy to me = confidence and comfortable in your own skin... introvert to me = the best actors as they take on other roles well, shy to me = less likely to go wild aka Lindsay Lohan.... Kristen rocks!

If it's true they pushed her for personal deets and she refused and now Vogue is not having her as planned, so be it, she is human and should stick to sharing what she is comfy with.


This quote rocks:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not obligated to share their personal lives. They are not obligated to do things according to the media’s timetable. And they are not obligated to walk the way outlets want them to walk.

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Snarkier Than You said...

hey whether this is true or not, kristen is her own person and isn't compromising for exposure (for anna wintour or anyone else!) - i agree good for her!

: )