Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More on Breaking Dawn in Louisiana...

Breaking Dawn in Louisiana.

This rumour sprang up recently from the usually reliable THR, but with only an unnamed source to back it up.

Even so, it spread like wildfire.

I still stand by my theory that Breaking Dawn will film in Vancouver... I believe it... will I be proven wrong? I hope not!

Here is what I did find...

When Mike Scott from The Times-Picayune, called Summit for a statement he recieved a very vague response:

Here's it is, in its entirety: "No details have been confirmed regarding 'Breaking Dawn' aside from the fact that Bill Condon will be directing."

This is typical Summit fashion and not surprising, wait, I am surprised he got a statement, but we all know Summit can be pretty secretive especially when it relates to their prized child the Twilight Saga.

However, there is other news, more tangible, facts in the way of a paper-trail that suggests indeed Louisiana COULD be used for (part of?) Breaking Dawn.

Mike Scott continues:

The second, more telling, development comes in the form of incorporation papers filed last week with the Louisiana Secretary of State's office by an agent for Summit and establishing a new corporate entity called "TSBD LOUISIANA, L.L.C." -- which would seem to stand for "Twilight: Saga Breaking Dawn."

Of course, filing incorporation papers is a long way from booking soundstages and crewing up -- but as early signs go, it's a good one that there might be truth to these rumors.

Here are some screencaps morphed together (There was 2 pages so I cut the important parts and pasted them onto one page)

I don't know of anything else TSBD could stand for and since New Moon was "USM" (Untitled Sports Movie - epic fail by the way) and Eclipse was "TSE" (Twilight Saga Eclipse) It seems obvious that "TSBD" would be Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn.

It's the "Louisiana" part that is different.

"TSBD Louisiana"

TSE didn't have "VANCOUVER" or "BC" after it - it was simply "TSE" then again, it was all filmed here, no need to specify a location in the licence...there was only one location...but why would it say "TSBD Louisiana"?

My theories:

-Multiple Locations for Breaking Dawn?
-Multiple applications for Breaking Dawn possible locations ("Just in case licences")
-After 2 movies in Vancouver they need to include a location so they're not confused (LoL)

I have said all along that I felt Breaking Dawn will be in Vancouver.

This application for a licence doesn't change my mind.

Often movies obtain licences in various locations they are considering. Then again, maybe they will indeed use Lousiaiana but I think if that is true, it would be for part of the film only.

Maybe an Isle of Esme down there? Vancouver doesn't exactly have a natural "Isle of Esme" exterior location does it now?

Louisiana has been pulling hard to draw in productions, like Vancouver used to do, perhaps Breaking Dawn will head down for studio work because of the amazing offers and savings in production costs?

Maybe it is a scare tactic?

"Look Vancouver, we have licences in other locations, we will leave Vancouver, for real, if you don't offer us better tax incentives" (Kind of like the "we will replace Ashley & Kellan if they ask for too much money - we really will... ")

Of course these are just my opinions and obviously I am quite biased in that my hope is that as much as possible is filmed here in my city.

I realize I am looking at the facts but rationalizing them to fit my hopes... fine... I admit it - so what?

I've said it before, I will say it again:

We won't know for sure until Summit says so... and I predict they will hold on to the official word as long as possible.

I continue to believe we will see Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, it has the best exteriors and would keep the saga consistent.

Let's face it, Louisiana's "forests" can't even begin to compare to the Pacific Northwest's Portland from Twilight and Beautiful BC's Vancouver from New Moon and Eclipse.

What do you think? Comment Below...

**Edit - A lot of people broughtup when Alice & Jasper go looking for "others" like Renessme and I hadn't thought of it but it is a good point. Also back stories of other nomads.... all great ideas! Thanks and keep the comments coming!


Amber said...

Perhaps you're right about filming in multiple locations. I, for one, would be very nervous about how the movie will look if they film the entire thing in Louisiana. Louisiana's a beautiful state, don't get me wrong, but the trees there are all wrong. It doesn't look anything like the Pacific Northwest. And isn't Isle Esme supposed to be more like a tropical beach?? I would hate to see them cut corners to save a buck and then have the quality of the film suffer because of it.

Honeystar1022 said...

I am by no means educated in this area, but business is business, you always should have a plan B and as you called it..a scare tactic. I think that is just smart. But first thing that came to my mind is Isle Esme. I have to re read BD,but from what I remember that is one thing that is different from the other books..location wise right? And it's not a section they can't cut out. *cant wait to see this scene!!!*

Steph in Austin said...

Perhaps the Louisiana location could be for Amazon jungle scenes? I think the Louisisana swamps would be a good stand in for Huilen and Nahuel's story...although Isle Esme sounds just as plausible. Thanks for the good detective work!

Stephie :) said...

very true!! I think the main production will remain in Vancouver. Louisiana does not have the same feel as the Pacific NW. But I think Louisiana will still be used. Maybe for Isle Esme??? It is very likely......

RenezzmeeKarlie said...

I'm not sure that Breaking Dawn would be the same filmed in another place. I'm with you for filming in Vancouver, Its been Twilights home. I dont' no that any other place would have the same looks and feel as the other 3 films. I wouldn't think that SM would allow it to be moved. Would she still have the say so in it? I guess we have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

HA! I was actually going to send this to you yesterday to ask your thoughts. I have been racking my brain and here are some of the scenes that could possibly be filmed with the likes of a LA backdrop:

Marriage/reception in the backyard {thinking nice wooded area behind a plantation out there, green screen in the Cullen house}

Interior scenes

Scenes that involves when they go looking for others like Renesseme and the back story of others like her

I would have to say no to the Isle of Eseme for the mere fact of the oil spill right now. The beaches around LA are a mess, but even then, the beaches out there do not have that tropical look that was explained in the book. I would have to say they will actually shoot somewhere on location like Jamaica or the Caribbean for the honeymoon. JMO

Overall, I hope and pray it is primarly filmed in VC. I love your updates and behind the scenes look into the movie.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I live in Louisiana, I've heard the rumors, and no way are they true. As much as we would love for them to be true and as much as I plan to take off of work for the occasion(if I knew when and where they might film. It makes no since what so ever to film here. It would be great for our State to make some money to help with the disaster relief we need form this oil spill but there is no part of that book that I could imagine here. To much sun and no beach or island clean enough. And don't think they have time to clean it up before then because its going to take years to clean this up.

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that the only scene that will be filmed in LA will be the scenes where Bella Goes looking for the Lawyer (the lead from Alice because Bella can keep a secret) any thoughts?