Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mandy's Post on Official Twilight Convention Vancouver

I have so many posts, pictures and stories to share, I wanted to have one "go-to" post with links to everything.

If you are thinking of attending a Twilight Convention I posted "The Basics" for you to read, hopefully it helps.

The whole weekend was hosted by Hillywood which was awesome fun!

Friday Summary.

-Bronson Pelletier's Q&A Session.
-Kiowa Gordon's Q&A Session.
-Friday Night Karaoke.

Saturday Summary

-Bronson Pelletier & Kiowa Gordon's Q&A Session together. *COMING SOON*
-Jodelle Ferland's Q&A Session.
-Cameron Bright's Q&A Session.
-Daniel Cudmore's Q&A Session.
-Volturi Vampire Ball.

Sunday Summary

-Catherine Hardwicke Private Interview.
-Sunday Brunch.
-Catherine Hardwicke's Q&A Session.
-Peter Facinelli's Q&A Session.
-Cameron Bright's Q&A Session.


-Interview with Creation's co-founder Gary Berman.
-Interview & Q&A Session with New Moon & Eclipse Make-up Artist Leslie Graham. *COMING SOON*
-Fan Photos *COMING SOON*

Overall I had a fantastic weekend.

I was able to more thoroughly enjoy the entire weekend than when I just went a couple days to The Official Twilight Convention in Seattle.

Additionally, it was nice seeing so many local fans who I talk to on twitter and email.

Next up is the L.A. Twilight Convention which will be extra special as it has appearandes from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and many more cast members from Twilight Saga Eclipse.

I have already started to plan my trip out there and look forward to meeting many more fans who attend also.

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D. Scully said...

Thanks for the Twilight Convention break-down, that is a lot of work. My friends and I were discussing this morning that we are a bit sad it's all over. This review has helped us recapture the fun of last weekend. Daniel, Peter & Catherine were amazing-every guest really but these three really stood out. We were so pleased to discover that they are kind & gracious people in real life. We are making plans for next year already as we can't make it to Los Angeles unfortunately.

PS - the twitter bug seems to be gone :-)