Friday, July 27, 2012

#bb14 live feed and #BBAD Updates

By now you have seen the show and know who went home and who the new HOH is right? If you don't have live feeds and want to know what's being discussed... read on..


Shane said today if he won HOH he would put up Joe and Wil and he seems to be still on the wave legnth, but we will swee...

It seems the strategy SHOULD be to nominate one from each team (Janelle's and Boogie's) to makei t more fair (Brit and Dan are down to one each) leaving Danielle to be a swing vote.

Janelle and Dan agreed Frankw ould be the best bet, and if Shane doesn't put him up it will mean they have an alliance (they do... even Brit isn't aware of it, after Shane took himself off the block last week when Frank put him up, they have been buddy, but only secretly and only because Boogie in a moment of wisdom, pointed out that Shane is a strong competitor and if he isn't going home, he is probably going to win an HOH soon)

If I had to predict at this moment, Shane will go with Joe and Wil or if he is pushed to do one from each team maybe Jen... I don't know though... We have to see who wins coaches competition also and if that involves a save or a trade.

Also, they are drinking, so it may be an interesting/fun night...

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