Sunday, July 22, 2012

#bb14 spoilers

Last night (July 21) about 10pm BBT Wil brought out his alter-ego "Craig" a straight rapper.

He and the girls did a dance, which was epic fun! If you have live feeds flashback to it - pretty funny

The rest of what I have to say is spoiler - read on only if you don't care


So Willie is gone. We know this from my previous spoiler post.

Janelle won Coach Compa nd saved Ashley.

Shane and Jojo were put up by HOH Frank.

Shane won POV, saved/saving himself obviously

Based on conversations it sounds like Danielle will be replacement nominee.

So if Danielle goes home, Dan is out of players.

There is a lot of "playing" going on. Frank & BOogie talked to Shane last night saying they would work with him, yadda yadda.

It feels like a lot ofplayers are saying one thing to one group and another to another, so until we see DR it is tough to know how they will really vote.

JOJO drives me nuts so I 'd love to see her go. I also don't like Danielle after watching more of her on live feed... lastnight in the hammock with Dan she said she didn't like pretending to be a K teacher because she was actually as smart as Ian and can "recite the periodic table" ha ha ha

She also went on and on about appearences and not caring (though she looks in the mirror 24/7) and that she didn't care about not being a blonde bombshell (yes as Trixie, etc she said she was the only brunette boo hoo) and talked about how she had legal responsibilities if there was an injury because she is so high up in the medical field... oh god! It isn't that any of this is/isn't true, it is HOW she says it, going on and on and on - i just don't like her....

My opinions right now:

Not a fan of:

-Joe - dirty, yappy, hate his fae landing strip

-JoJo - needs a muzzle

-Danielle - so yappy, self-centered yet insecure

-Boogie - name dropping, controling, thinks he is the bomb, looks old and sick


-Dan as coach and overall
-Ian to win
-Janelle - tolerable, she is way less cool this season so far
-Jenn - different, i like it
-Frank - I loved Willie so i am sad about that whole issue but I do like Frank, minus Boogie's influence.

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Sandra said...

I loved Willie too! I thought it was nasty how everyone just ignored him and isolated him. What was up with that???