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Teen Choice Awards 2012

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Kevin McHale and Demi Lovato hosting, I love it. She made him fake audition for x-factor.

Full play by play and opinions ahead - click for more and I apologize for any typos, spelling errors or criticism of people you like... ha ha


Selena Gomez & Zooey D present Choice Comedian - Ellen wins, brings up Sophie Grace who win choice web stars in their princess dresses - I love them.

Dax Shephard and Shawun White present Choice sci-fi Fantasy TV Show - How and why is True Blood nominated, teens should NOT watch this show!!! Vampire Diaries wins... the cast comes up to accept. Looking just as hot as I remember them in the flesh at Comic-Con ha ha. They also win a ton of other awards including scene stealers for ian somerhalder, nina dobrev, michael trevino, candice accola.

Cat Deely talks about Carly Rae Jepson video challenge "Call Me Maybe" they will show clips later in the show

134 million votes for awards this year...

Baby photos of the hosts....

Hayden Pannittiere and Will.I.Am introduce No Doubt who perform their new song. I loved No Doubt when I was a teen... I love that they are making a come back though their sound is a lot different based on this single. Still unique and fun!

Cast of Pretty Little Liars wins Choice Summer TV awards and present Choice Movie Actor Drama to (Zac Efron - Lucky One, Ryan Gosling - Drive, Matt Damon - We bought a zoo, JTimberlake - In Time, Channing Tatum - The Vow) Obviously I love them all, but root for Channing, but The Zefron won.... The Lucky One also won choice drama movie

Choice Hottie nominations - Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kate Upton, Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Liam Hemsworth, Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder.

Winners are Ian Somerhalder and Miley Cyrus - WTF?

Kevin Hart and Nina Dobrev (still rosey after her man won choice hottie tee hee) present Choice Music Group and the winner is Selena Gomez and The Scene... would NOT have been my pick... meh - she looks drunk too... then again it is her bday.. LOL...they bring her out cake and sing Happy Birthday to her....

The hosts discuss tattoos and their pain ha ha then Jordin Sparks comes up with Paul Wesley and whats his name hottie from Magic Mike Adam Rodrigez they present the nominees for Choice Comedy Movie - Crazy Stupid Love, 21 Jump Street, American Reunion, What to Expect, The Muppets... winner being 21 Jump Street - yesss! Sadly Jonah Hill accepts without Channing Tatum... awnnnn..

Stefano from American Idol presents with two girls I don't know - they introduce FloRida who sings... meh, I am not digging these performances much... get on with awards and speeches or more entertaining performances please....

Jennifer Lawrence - Choice Actress Sci Fi
Liam hemsworth - Choice Male Scene Stealer
Alexander Ludwig - Choice Villian
Emma Stone - Choice Actress Comedy )Crazy Stupid Love) and Drama (The Help
Breakout in Movie - Rihanna (Battleship)
Hissy Fit - Charlize Theron (SWATH)
Summer Movie - Katy Perry
Tv Breakout star female - Hannah Simon (New Girl)
Breakup Song - Pay Phone (Maroon 5)
Female Movie star of the Summer - Kristen Stewart (SWATH)

Ridiculous to skip presenting all those awesome awards ut I quickly forget as Zachary Levi comes up to present Twilight awards....

We get a montage of clips from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. 41 teen choice awards won by Twilight cast (Choice Romance, Choice Actress (KStew) win this year)

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson come out and accept surf boards. Rob gives his away, Kristen follows suit. Taylor looking like he doesn't want to start a riot leaves hi on stage and maybe asks Zachary to give it away ?>!?!

Demi Lovato who won last year, presents Miranda Cosgrove(iCarly) the inspire award.

Lea Michele and Tyler Posey come out and ask who is cooler Vampires or Werewolves? Tyler is hyped he won an award, having met this kid last week at Comic-Con let me say - nicest ever! I asked him about the People's Choice Awards with Kayley Cuoco and he told me the whole story and was so chill.. more about that when I post my SDCC Journal for Saturday (Including the EW Party)

Anyways, Taylor Swift wins a shit load of awards,a s always and is gracious and uses her "surprised" face slightly less than usual which is nice because as cute as it was the first 100 times, it does get old. Love Swifty, she is pretty genuine. She thanks everyone involved in the Hunger Games and she won a ton for that song, Lorax, and her own music - it's insane.. she wins more awards that I even know or can list. Good on her!

Bridgette Milner and Shane West (RAWR!) introduce (or try to, fans are screaming) Justin Bieber (He won over 70 awards, 4 tonight for Male artist, fashion, single and more) ....

He performs - kills it - He is pretty awesome! I love him not only because he is Canadian, but he really is hard working and my daughter adores him!

****POWER SURGE*****

My power went out - I blame my over power use... PVRing True Blood, TCAs, bachelorette, Big Brother and blogging while Hubs is video gaming heh heh ....

Got back on just in time for....

Josh Hutcherson wins big!! Choice Lip Lock with Jennifer Lawrence, Choice Book, Choice Sci-Fi, Choice Male Sci Fi, Choice Movie Sci Fi, just awesome!

He beat out Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and other amazing nominees!

Twilight fans are pissed... I have to say it doesn't bug me at all, EXCEPT the lip-lock... the Katniss/Peeta kiss (Josh and Jen) was so tame and awkward... Obviously the Breaking Dawn wedding kiss was far more intense and should have won!

Gordon Ramsay is out with a guy and a monkey to present Choice Summer Music Star: One Direction wins along with Choice Breakout Group and Choice Love Song is "What Makes you Beautiful" but since they are not there, they send a video...

Chris Hemsworth wins an award for SWATH and avengers. they thanks Pauly D the dj of the night, The hosts both wins awards too and Cat Deely then introduces Carly Rae Jepson, after showing the video of people acting / singing / dancing to Call Me Maybe.

I loved all the celebs singing the song too ha ha... love it...

And that was the TCAs - hope you enjoyed them!

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