Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#bb14 Spoilers

Live feed updates on where people are at...


Shane still has veto.

Danielle will be going up in his place.

Jojo and Danielle will be the nominees, it seems there are two sides each trying to get one or the other out.

Getting Danielle out eliminates the last of Dan's players, however, JoJo is annoying and part of the "WILLIE" team (well, was.)

Jojo had been the target but it sounds like she may hae a chance at this point, we shall see!

Other points:

There seems to be a group actively seeking to get rid of Wil soon.

Boogie sees Ian and Frank as strong and other houseguests are thinking the two have a F2 deal.

Ash is not as dumb as she lets on, Jojo says she is bi and going to try to steal Ash from Ian (jokingly?!)

Brit is still annoyinh and catty, she is trying ot make nice(r) with Janelle again.

Shane is seen as a huge physical threat after winning two POVs and is starting to be worried.

Some are hip to Dan throwing comps, he denies it.

HGs play bocce ball in yard.

Ian smokes (admits he smokes once a day usually).

That's about it for now....

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