Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Love in The Wild Finale...

I fell behind with this show but watched the last three episodes back to back this week and was pretty happy with the finale....


Yanina and Ken won. thank goodness because they were the first couple to get serious from day one.

I was rooting for Summer and Chase, but NOT Ben and Michelle (Sorry, I liked Jen!)>

Basically the top three competed and third place wasn't eliminated. THEN in the final three's next competition, who ever came in first would choose their competitor.

Although Yanina and Ken were better friends with Chase and Summer, they chose to compete in the final competition with Ben and Michelle, which was a smart move as they were a newerf couple and less competitive.

Then men used walkie-talkies to radio the girls directions to find different items, which they then brought back to the men and put together a tandem bicycle and rode to town.

In the end they won the trip around the world and I am pretty thrilled about it - they deserve it.

In the after credits we learned all three final couples are still together. - yay!

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