Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Masterchef - Top 6 Compete (Part 2)

We are down to (back at) 7 home cooks competing with the return of Josh from "Top 6 Compete (Part 1)" last night

Mystery Box: Giant live prawns (much to the squealing of homecooks)

Three dishes are chosen to be tasted by judges:


A record 5th time, Becky is called up and judges sample her grilled prawns with salsa verde and saffron rice. It is plated beautifully and her "spanish" approach works. Judges compliment her technique and flavours.

Christine is next. I was worried about her being blind trying to catch and prepare the prawns. She made Spot Prawns with pineapple broth. She had cilantro which was an ingredient the judges had mentioned they would use if they were cooking. Judges call it a "home run" with great flavour.

Lastly they choose to taste David Martinez' Spot Prawn Ceviche. He sauteed the bits in a cold sauce. Judges call it a complex dish that is rarely seen from home cooks. They compliment the visuals as well as preparation and balance of flavours.

The winner: David!

Quite shocking given he has not been performing too well lately. Finally, he wins a mystery box challenge and with that comes rewards....

Elimination Test:

David gets to choose which of the three ingredients he and the other cooks will use today. (No immunity it seems, but he gets an advantage)




Twist: The dish must be a dessert. As per a modern trend, incorporating non-traditional foods in desserts.

His advantage: 3 examples of how to use the ingredient in desserts. As well as 5 minutes in the pantry solo to prepare.

He uses these advantages and chooses to make a rice pudding and asks a few questions. He then, forgets rice. His main ingredient!!! Uh-oh!

He scrambles and asks other contestents if they have rice. Becky has it, and actually does give it to him.

David - Corn and Milk based Rice Pudding with carmel. Joe calls it unedible and disgusting.

Becky - Popcorn Panna Cotta. Joe likes the opposing textures and flavours. All the judges enjoy her dessert.

Christine - Corn & Coconut Pudding. Judges feel it is more complex than it seems and very tastey.

Monti - Corn Souffle. Corn milk and pastry cream infused with lavendar. it sounds fancy and the judges say it is delicious and well done.

Felix - Corn Profiteroles. Graham says visually it looks like cat poo, it is dense not airy and he doesn't like it. Joe has similar sentiments saying it is disappointing.

Frank - Corn Budino with chocolate. Judges seem to enjoy.

Josh - Corn Creme Brulee. Visually it is not pleasing or appetizing, but flavour wise judges

Bottom Three:

Josh & Felix & David

Felix is sent home.

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