Monday, July 23, 2012

True Blood Times 2

I was at Comic-Con last Sunday and missed blogging about True Blood. But, I did watch it, in fact, only a day after seeing the True Blood panel at SDCC and seeing, in the flesh, most of the cast. What therefore shocked me most, was the death of Roman last week. My roomie at SDCC didn't believe it was real because we had just seen Christopher Meloni front and center at the True Blood panel... how could he be dead now? It wasn't until we saw the preview for this week when they talked about Roman's death, that it really set in for us.... sadly!

There was some greatness both last week and this, as well as some *yawn* needless scenes... but I want to review both episodes in this post, so I apologie for the length, I will try not to ramble and sticj to the recap and my thoughts on what we saw.


Last Week:

First, stuff I hate... Terry's storyline... wah wah wah... the sups-hate-gang... and swooping up Hoyt to join their hate club... *eye roll* which also leads to Luna and Sam's story, which I don't care much for, until tonight's episode, but we will get to that....

I liked the bus slaughter, poor Doug, and Lafayette and his momma bantering back & forth.

I loved Bill fake-glamouring Sookie, which in reality was telling her it is over and move on. Time for Sookie to have some good ol' fairy self reflection away from the men that dominate her life. I also liked Eric's glamouring of Alcide, taking it so far as to make Sookie kind of repulsive... sadly, Sookie returns his memories a bit too soon.

Also Tara and Jessica continued fighting, until Pam broke it up. Alcide decided to try for Pack Leader and was seconded by a new hottie werewolf.

Of course the biggest shocker was the death of Roman. I still can't believe it. I mean not even 24 hours before I watched this, we listened to Christopher Meloni on the True Blood Comic-Con stage talking about the show... gah!

This Week:

I really loved tonight's episode. I mean I loved loved the high vampires moments after Eric and Bill say "we are vampires, it's vampire blood, we'll be fine" bahahahaha - epic!

Eric piggy backing Bill? I mean really?

I mean... seeing them high and wandering through New Orleans was just as hilarious as when Steve Newlin came to Jessica's frat boy party doing his lil' shimmy dance.

Then of course interupting the private wedding karaoke party to feast, but not before Russell duet's with the bride...

Of course, my favourite, Allan Hyde returned in a guest appearence as Godric. I love Godric, I wish he could be featured every episode. I am interested to see where this Lillith blood acid-like trip, and Lillith appearence, will take us. Eric will need to do as Godric asks and help his sister Nora.

Of course before all this, we learn, as we suspected Salomne and Nora worked together to save and bring back Russell Edginton, who is not the crazed, angry, insane leader he once was... thoughs till very entertaining... let's see where this goes.

Ok, there were other things in this episode... We have Alcide with new girl "training" slash making out- bow chicka wow wow, and Joe Manganiello was wearing his bandana, which is so hot! Meanwhile, current alpha/pack leader (JD) is pushing 'V' to the wolves and even offers it to baby Emma! WTF? he claims there is a human/vampire war brewing and they need to prove their loyalty to vamps to survive the war... hmm... Russell again?

Andy visits former Sherriff Dearborn who doesn't seem to want to help much and is too busyw ith some female friend while his wife is away... not sure why he was brought back ,maybe he is "Dragon" the leader of the hate group shooting "supes"?? Speaking of the hate group...

Sam smells out the masks at the shop and sniffs out one of the perps from the attacks, meanwhile Hoyt seems to fit in well with the hate group which is "more about love than hate" meh, not too interested in this story line (yet) I have a feeling they will go for Jessica, then I will start to care!

Pam has discovered a hair crimper and looks fab as she sits on her throne at Fangtasia watching Tara pole dance. She even looks proud when Tara tells off her momma who is "a preachers wife now" and disowns Vamp-Tara.... Comic-Con panel said at least 3 new relationships coming this season, not including random hook-ups - I predict some lesbo-lovin between Tara and maker Pam?!?! non?!?!

Lafayette goes to Don to settle unresolved issues of Jesus. He sees Jesus' head and Don stitches up Lafayette mouth and is ready to kill him and feed his brain juice to his unborn child or some crazy shit like that...??? Well, Marla, the pregnant lady stabs Don to death then comes st Lafayette, but only to unstitch his mouth - phew!

The Ifrite comes and laughs at Terry. Terry gets mad and nearly shoots himself, but is talked down. Meanwhile Arlene watches her wedding video, which was cute and Crystal came in and basically said Terry may not be crazy, there are crazier things that they have all witnessed (aka this is True Blood, anything that sounds compeltely eff'd up - is probably true and happening!) Seriously Arlene, you were in love with the murderer in season 1 - - expect this shit!

Jason is feeling down about the news vamps killed his parents, and while Jessica tries to prove all vamps aren't the same, she kisses him with fresh man-blood still on her lips from some hottie she is sucking upstairs. This sends Jason off the deep end and he shoots her in the head while security team of Bill's comes to her rescue.

Sookie, still super boring this season (though she *is* pregnant in real life) learns she is part human and her fairy powers are not infinite, she can run out... and be normal, which sounds pretty awesome to her, so she tries to use up her power at the end of the show.

Did I miss anything? Probably... but Lillith is there and I am curious to see whot his goes, I am already confused by what the heck she stands for and if you bekieve in her literally or not and how the influences if you feed off of humans or not... they all swing back and forth... *sigh*

What did you think?

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