Monday, July 23, 2012

Master Chef - Returning Home Chef is...

The last 8 homechefs sent home return for a chance to win an apronand return to the competition. The mystery box challenege had each returning player choosing an ingredient they loved and that may throw off the others.

There was chocolate, pork, cream, portobello mushrooms, pomegranate, and other random ingredients.

*Spoilers ahead*


I really thought Stacey, who left most recently, would be the returning cook, but it came down to Ryan, the cocky unemployed young lad and Josh, the obvious favoured cook from day one.

Next up was a fruit flan. The two prepared then the remaining homechefs still in the competition judged, based on technique, flavour, but not knowing who's was who's.

Josh went for more exotic fruits, while Ryan stuckw ith traditional berries. The "judges" spoke about crust, filling, knife work on the berries, flavour and in the end the exotic fruits from Josh won.

While I didn't think Ryan was the better cook, I thought he made the show more entertaining so I was rooting for him secretly. Josh, who is the better cook, especially with a dessert task, won and is back in Masterchef competition.

So do you think this returning home chef will last or be sent packing again soon? Is this game rigged? Who is your fave to win now?

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