Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Comic-Con Jounral - Friday

Slowly but surely I am getting through all the wonderful that was my first SDCC.

Tuesday & Wednesday Journal

Thursday Journal

And now... Friday... another busy day (weren`t they all?)

Back in Hall H. I woke up with stiff legs. I have a pre-exsisting knee injury that sometimes leaves me unable to walk. For the most part I medicate, rest, ice, elevate and move on. Occasionally I am in the ER for a knee tap or minor procedure, but typically it is a day or two of rest.

Sadly, at Comic-Con there is no time for rest... I iced, stretched, medicated and hobbled over to the Hall H line. Unfortunately in trying to join my group in line, I twisted my knee and aggrivated it further :( Luckily I saw some other friends in line and joined them. Stacey and Lisa suggested I get a wheelchair, but I didn't want to be restricted, so I hobbled.

When the line was let in, my friends saved me a seat as I was very slow hobbling inside. I got an aisle seat so I could keep my legs fairly straight and as pain free as possible. When better seats became available, they moved up, but I stayed because I couldn't move as easily and had to keep an aisle seat to leave my leg straight.... But this is not the end of my pain story. More at the end of this post....

Anyways, the first up was Paranorman. I was really excited to see Anna Kendrick, she and Billy Burke are the two I have no met yet. Seeing her so close was very cool.

*Paranorman Panel review and details here*

After was the amazing Big Bang Theory panel. I was upset to learn that Jim Parsons wasn't able to attend because of his committment to broadway and Johnny Galecki missed his flight and wasn't able to attend (but was at autographs later, which I was unable to attend) At least they had Jim Parsons by skype and a lil doll to rep JOhnny on the podium ha!

ALso cool, the moderater was from Mythbusters!! *More on Big Bang Theory Panel here*

The panel itself was pretty awesome. I loved seeing the actors up close and how they interact and react to questions about their characters.

In the end an astronaut came out and offered Simon a real trip to space, he turned it downa nd instead they offered it to one of the fans who asked questions... everyone who asked a question went up on stage and got a gift to unwrap. One was a trip to space - insane!!! Very cool!

Next was Chris Harrison moderating The Walking Dead panel. They started with the writers and behind the scene folks for some questions, then brought out the cast for more.

*The Walking Dead Panel Review and details is posted here*

Next was Game of Thrones moderated by the series author George R R Martin.

*Details on the Game of Thrones Panel Here*

After this I was ready to leave to try and make the Women who kick ass panel... I think... there was a panel I wanted to get to so I slowly tried to stand up, as to not bend or hurt my knee further, but all of a sudden, a women tried to jump over me to get a seat in my row... really? I was leaving, in 3 seconds she could have had that seat, or mine, or whatever, but NO... she couldn't wait...

As she tried to hop over me, she was unsuccessful and landed on my leg.

I don't reacll fully what happened in that moment, except shooting pain, tears, screaming and collapsing.

I was so lucky to have friends sitting in the row behind me because they helped take care of me. This lady still tried to push past me, to which I lost it and said some not so nice words to her as medics came. Funbmie and Jess were super stars staying with me. Medics came and checked me out and took me to first aid. I was given a wheelchair and that was that.

Having a wheelchair was the worst. I couldn't move around, even if a friend was pushing me people bumped into me jostling my sore legs, they'd push me into and over other people's feet, I was lower than everyone so it was super scary going through crowds, feeling claustrophobic.... gah!

I didn't get to go to the panel i wanted, but I didn't want to keep Funmbie any longer and risk her missing her panel, so I had her wheel me to Girls Gone Genre room and I watched the panel that was in there before so I could have a good spot in the small room.

Luckily Funmbie made it to her panel, and I got to watch a "SCI-FI that changed the world" panel, then Girls Gone Genre. My reason to go see Girls Gone Genre was to see Deborah Ann Woll, my girl crush!

Also on thep anel were some superstar women from from of my most favourite shows including Buffy, Once Upon a Time and more...

It wasn't an ideal day because of my injury, but along with the sheelchair the medics taped ice packs to my knees (which were leaking by the end of Girls Gone Genre panel ha ha) and they felt a lot  better. I hobbled back to the hotel and rest my knees.

We were supposed to go to Con of the Dead Party that night, we had won tickets, but it didn't work out and I was pretty disappointed, but also relieved to be able to rest my legs a bit. I went downstairs to meet some friends who were eating in the restaurant at the hotel I was at.

Besides sore legs and crazy people and crowds, Friday was a good day. I got to see most of the panels I wanted to see, though I did miss out on a few things and was in pain a lot of the day... meh!

More posts soon for Saturday and Sunday....Check back again soon!


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