Friday, July 16, 2010

BIg Brother 12 - The Sabatoeur goes home

It really sucks that Annie, who revealed to be the sabatoeur, was sent home first.

I was hoping Annie went home, because I liked the showmance and potential for drama, but then once it was confirmed she was the sabatoeur (I suspected her to start but wasn't sure and changed my mind soon after) I wanted her to stay and cause more drama - - - too bad!

At least we have the showmance and now that Rachel stayed, and won HoH we should have an interesting week as she seeks revenge against those who put her and Brendan up - I predict Hayden for sure.... I havent seen spoilers yet I wonder who she picked (will deffo check spoilers after work today tee hee)

I think these house guests are kind of boring so far, though Lydia has been tweeting a storm of drama and hate so I kind of hope they send her or some past houseguests into the house ha ha

I don't have live feed but I guess Rachel was bad mouthing bb11 HGs and Lydia saw and was pissed.... perhaps Rachel said something specfic about Lydia? uh oh!

I hope things pick up - I am also hoping the Sabatoeur WAS NOT Lying when she said two people are life long friends, if it's a hoax that would suck - but if it is true that would be awesome

I suspected Brittney and Cop (as mother/daughter) she said she has a 22 year old daughter, they both had green ex's on their faces and have similar features - thoughts?

Anyways - thats all for now - hoping for more drama and excitement soon!

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Anonymous said...

I think the same about Brittney and the cop being mother and daughter. As soon as they showed them sitting next to each other I thought they looked alike, it helped that they had on almost the same color shirts but still they look alot alike.