Friday, July 16, 2010

Inception Tomorrow

This movie looks amazing!

I wish I went to the screening Wednesday, but I am content with having attended Mr Nobody which I loved.

TOmorrow I am going with the fam-bam to see Karate Kid and Inception at the lo9cal drive-in theatre.

Two movies (usually three on weekends but not this time due to run time of both movies) for the price of one and you can sit in your car and be a tommy texter without anyone complaining mwahahaha

sometimes we sit outside but the bugs annoy me so the car is usually where we end up by first movies previews

ANYWAYS - I saw some Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Fallon tonight and Ellen Page on Letterman last night (still hate Letterman) and got even more excited about this movie. I haven't read any reviews or spoilers because I want to just go in and enjoy it on my own terms you know?

SO - - - I will see it tomorrow and blog about it Sunday if I am not too exhausted or qoozy from donating blood... the last time I did it I was so dizzy - plan to eat lot's and be stronger this time ha!

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Quilt Nut said...

can't wait to see this! eager to hear what you thought of it