Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glee in Vancouver

Last night my friend MeMy and I went to see the Mr. Nobody screening at Tinseltown in Vancouver. (I am writing a review - to be posted soon)

After, we planned to go to the outdoor cinema showing of "Goonies" at Stanley Park but reports from friends indicated it was over packed and if she couldn't get up to go to the bathroom, then there was no way we would get in.

We decided instead to head to Boneta for some eats and drinks.

I always love gastown in the summer, it's filled with tourists and I just love to enjoy my city when I can.

We had some very strong buit tasty bevvies:

Mmmm bevvies after movies

MeMy ordered an interesting appie which I nibbled on also:

Light Snack.... Bison..... Quail egg... Aruguala... Carpaccio... Dijon...

Then the dessert - oh the dessert - Raspberry, Lychee, White Chocolate Mousse, Sorbert on a waffer with a thin white chocolate disk...


Another angle Mmmmm

We had some great laughs and a fantastic time but guess who was dining a few tables away?

Mr. Cory Monteith


Man he is taller and sexier in person... but most importantly SO SWEET!

We saw him leaving as we were and so we said hi. He was so friendly and we asked if it would be ok to get a photo and we were sorry to be "Creepy" since he was out with friends but he was so gracious and said "it's not creepy at all" he said it was part of the fun of his job and it was no problem. We chatted briefly and he was super kind and cute.

I look ridiculous as I had worked all day then ran home and left without any make-up or anything... but here is the photo:

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MrsRomy said...

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about...Cory Monteith or the fact that The Goonies was playing at Stanley Park??! LOL! OMG I so <3 The Goonies...ah, simpler times.