Sunday, July 11, 2010

True Blood Sunday & Vampire Music

After last week's hiatus due to the 4th of July, I was really anxious to see tonight's episode. When they did a mini preview I was scared thinking it was a review of last week and ther ein faxt had been an episode even though my pvr didn't record one... luckily I am on track and haven't missed any PHEW!

Tonight's episode was great.

They all are though aren't they?

I loved seeing more Alcide and meeting Deb and finding out more about the wolves and the vampires and all the Mississippi scandals. I also loved ERic's Sookie sex dream - hot!

It was nice to see more Alcide and Sookie done up "bad-ass" as well as Pam.. I love Pam and seeing her tied up and Eric come to Fangtasia and hearing them speak ont he phone - LOVED IT!

I think Bill is hotter this season, maybe I Just prefer the bad boy but he seems less - cakey white and more - sexy... non? I am still Team ERic though RAWR

ALso great this eppy was the tunes... during the motel when Tara is tied up and the credits song was so awesome in fact a few of us were tweeting about it so I wanted to include it in this post incase you missed it, skipped it, wanted to hear it again....

Isn't it awesome?

"9 Crimes" by Damien Rice

The video, the song, I love love it!

I love that my vampire obsessionis exposing me to new music I may have otherwise never heard....

This song is just one of many examples. It applies to True Blood but other soundtracks for Twilight and Vampire Diaries and of course the "Brit Pack" (except Sam Bradley since he lives here but Marcus Foster, Bobby Long I may have never discovered) this was true even with Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the day...

Random, talented musicians that I may have never had the privilege to enjoy - tossed at me via my favourite shows, movies, even commercials....


Anyways **end tangent**

True Blood ROcked TOnight - Don't you think?

What was your favourite part?

Did you like the music?

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Quilt Nut said...

agree 100% with every thing you posted. when we went to watch tonight, we thought our PVR had screwed up too lol!

and yes, Bill does seem hotter this season but i'm still team Eric and Sam ;)