Friday, July 16, 2010


There are tons!

How can a week go by so quickly yet feel so long?

It's Friday once again and this weekend I only have plans to donate blood and get the car an oil change and tune up (which inevitably will cost double what they quote because of random problems they will find - to be fair there probably is extra problems, I feel like since the accident something has been off in my car though it may just be me ha ha)

Otherwise this weekend I hope to rest, I have been burning the candle at both ends this week and need to get some R&R.

Love my new summer position but it's a lot of work PLUS my side job with the event planning company.... busy busy bee

Luckily, my lap top is with me and I have been able to keep blogging - and this weekends goal is to tag the rest of my LA TwiTour Pix and FINALLLLY post them!!!

I will be blogging throughout the day so check regularily and if you don't check over the weekend expect lot's of posts for you Monday Morning!

Have a fabulous weekend - enjoy the sunshine if you have it!

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-Much More

Here's some Friday Bliss just to get you through the day.

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