Monday, July 12, 2010

Loved Ones Review from Fearnet

Thanks to Sarah who commented on this post with a heads up on this review of Loved Ones by Fearnet.

It's a slick, sick (in a good way) mean girl flick that is smart enough to stay one step ahead of its audience and bold enough to keep going one step beyond where you think it will go.

Which is why I'm imploring you: don't watch the trailer.

I agree with the New York Post and with Cinematical's Peter Hall: the trailer gives away too much. Part of why I loved The Loved Ones is the fun of watching it while wondering just how deep its giddy depravity runs. The trailer spoils the surprise of discovering what terrible thing happens with that hammer, that drill, that Volkswagen and those...well, let's just call them "leftovers."

So don't. Just don't.

But you're gonna, aren't you? Sigh.

If you absolutely must, try your best to hit PAUSE at the 1:05 mark, right when the quote from Cinema Eye pops up. Everything after that is best experienced in the theater if/when some US distributor is smart enough to snatch this one up.

Well - if you want to see the trailer it is here but try to pause at the 1:05 mark or don't watch at all... I've chosen NOT to look at all.... but I deffo want to see the movie and Xavier - rawr!

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