Friday, July 16, 2010

Stephenie Meyer talks about Volvo's

TwiFans asks:

Edward's Volvo is another deviation from the book. Yes, Edward still drives a Volvo in the movie but would Edward really drive a hatch back or a Mommobile? Fans have debated the movie vs book Volvo & we wanted to know what SM thought about it: asks Stephenie Meyer to explain the wrong Volvo by twifans

Kim: Kind of have a little silly question. It’s not super silly. What about the movie Volvo? It’s not like the book Volvo.

Alison: We had to go there.

Kim: And we really have to go there because, ya know, I’m over it now, but….


Kim: What about that?

SM: Ya know, the reason Edward drives a Volvo is to be inconspicuous and because ya know, people see a Volvo and think you buy them for safety. It’s kind of a joke. It’s the way to blend in, because the last thing in the world he needs is a safe car. And so when I was doing the cars. My brothers are car freaks ~~ says to Alison “you know”~~( And I asked them, I said “okay, If you were going to drive a Volvo but you were a care enthusiast” and they were like “ugh” and I’m like “no, what are you gonna drive?” And they were like “well, there’s the S60R. Very limited, and not a lot of people get it. It looks like it’s built for racing” So I’m like “Oh, that’s perfect” but they don’t make them anymore, so that was kind of a problem.

Alison: But they don’t make Bella’s truck anymore either. We could find that

SM: Bella’s truck is a 67’ in the movie and a 53’ in real life. They look nothing the same. Which kills me, because I love the old body style. In the sixties, they got very square. In the fifties, it was all round and it was really of cute. That was actually, that one was harder than the Volvo. But I am very car attached, so yeah……I had. I mean, I didn’t have back in the day….I didn’t really have a lot, I didn’t have a lot to do with Twilight (the movie). They were great about telling me what was going on, but I wasn’t part of the conversation. So with the cars, it was already a done deal. They already had the three sets of them, and I kinda went “ohhh”

Alison: It’s not silver. It’s the mom-mobile Kim & Alison: now

Alison: It's not a sexy vampire car *whining*

SM: Actually. It’s kind of a fun car. They went with the darker gray. They tried a different shade. I’m interested to see if it evolves again. I’m not sure if it will.

Kim: But there are plenty of them driving around

Alison: They are everywhere here

SM: I wouldn't budge on the Porsche. The right Porsche in the right color.

Alison: Well we just had to ask you because your opinion was really the only one that matters. To the fans.

SM: If I were going to do it. If I were going to raise a bunch of money. The cars would be spot on. That’s how it would go.


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