Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel Gibson

I haven't blogged because it is just so lame.... after 5 different tapes were released I just felt sick - this guy is a maniac.

Now there is word that SHE baited him, tried to extort him for millions, chipped her own tooth, lied...

um - - -

I don't care if she tried to extort him honestly, he is a lunatic!

On the tape he says "you deserved it" when she reminds him (baiting I am sure) of the things he did to her - - -

If I were her I would have baited and taped him too - otherwise he'd hire lawyers with all his money and use his star power to make her look like a lying tramp..... instead she planned and gathered evidence before exposing him.

Taking it to the police should have been her first thing, instead she released it to tabloids - I think she was justified in that only because ONE she is at less risk now that they aren't together and if she didn't file reports same - day another day won't make a difference (though she should have called 911 right then and there imo) and TWO now the world sees the truth about him

I don't know it makesme think of Chris Brown - any man who hits a woman is a loser

for ever

the end

and that's all I have to say about that.

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Quilt Nut said...

when i first heard about it, i thought it was blown out of proportion. but than i heard one of the tapes and yup, he is gone way past insane. i found it quite frightening how he was.

i also hope that he has finished himself in Hollywood. i can't see anyone willing to work with him now.