Friday, July 16, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 Top 7

Last night I watched both Wednesday and Thursday's performance and Results show.

We started with word that Ashley had been injured and I can tell you she was the one eliminated.

This seasons rules dictate that injured people are put on the bottom 3 list and joined by 2 others who are chosen by least amount of viewers votes.

Then the two uninjured dance for their lives.

It happened last week with Alex and now this week with Ashley. Both injuries were substantial enough that they wouldn't be able to dance the next week, which means they are gone. (THe new rules also say if you can't dance two weeks you are disqualified)

I was less sad to see Ashley go, don't get me wrong she is amazing but I had an emotional attachment to Alex. I am now rooting for Kent.

Billy is awesome too but Kent is the whole package.

Something I have been able to do fairly accurately since last season is guess who choreographed opening routines simply based on the dance itself. Tyce did a great job with the opening number it was broadway but fun and not overly cheesey.

I also loved seeing Twitch and Comfort dance together - wow!

Favourite dances were Travis Wall's choreography for his mother. RObert is just so amazing!

Also loved Jose and DOminic's B-Boy thought there was that middle part where they kind of ran from side to side that should have been filled with more of their smooth moves...

Kent and Neil did an awesome baseball broadway routine. I am not generally a fan of broadway - I mean it's fun and quirky but usually overly cheesey - this was good.

Lauren's Tahitian dance was AMAZING Mark - - - wow! I have never looked at Mark as "Sexy" usually more "odd" or "eccentric" but last night, in that dance, holy SEXY!

Loves seeing Christina Perri performing “Jar of Hearts” live. What a great story - waitressing one day and #1 itunes the next because of her song being used on SYTYCD - way to go Stacey Tookey for giving her that opportunity!

One thing I really really LOVE about this season is the all-stars who stck up for and encourage their contestent partners regardless of who they are each week... also hearing Cat Deely support and voice her thoughts on things more than in the past. I do miss Mary's shrieking, though just a little, and I would rather see Mia choreo than judge, she annoys me as a judge, she gets way too bitchy!

I wanted to post videos of my fave dances but youtube is hard-core for sytycd copyright and most videos are taken down but feel free to search the dancers and song to see them if you missed them!

Performance Show:

Dancer: Lauren Froderman
All-Star: Mark Kanemura
Style: Tahitian dance
Choreographer: Tiana Liufau
Song: Last Voices’ “Jungle” –

Dancer: Adechike Torbert
All-Star: Anya Garnis
Style: Salsa
Choreographer: Liz Leary
Song: Eddie Palmieri’s “Oyelo Que Te Conviene” –

Dancer: Jose Ruiz
All-Star: Courtney Galliano
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Joey Dowling
Song: John C. Reilly’s “Mister Cellophane” from “Chicago” –

Dancer: Robert Roldan
All-Star: Allison Holker
Style: Travis Wall
Choreographer: Contemporary
Song: Coldplay’s “Fix You” –

Dancer: Billy Bell
All-Star: Anya Garnis
Style: Jive
Choreographer: Louis van Amstel
Song: Meatloaf’s “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” –

Dancer: Kent Boyd
All-Star: Neil Haskell
Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Song: “Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo” from Damn Yankees –

Dancers: Billy Bell and Lauren Froderman
Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes” –

Dancers: Jose Ruiz and Dominic Sandoval
Style: Breakdancing
Choreographer: Nappytabs
Song: District 78’s “Battle for the Beat” –

Dancers: Kent Boyd and Adechike Torbert
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Song: Tom McRae’s “You Only Disappear” –

Dancers:Robert and Kathryn (for Ashley)
Style: Disco
Choreographer: Doreana Sanchez
Song: Dan Hartman’s “Instant Replay” –

Results Show

Top 8 Group Routine
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Song: Paul Gemignani’s “Charleston” – from the album Jerome Robbins’ Broadway.

Dizzy Feet Dancers
Dancers: Fernando (11) and Lauren (10)
Song: Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock” –

Professional Performance
Group: Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
Dancers: Jamal Roberts and Rachel McClaren
Song: Laurie Anderson “Gravity’s Angel” –

All-Star Performance
Dancers: Comfort Fedoke and Twitch Boss
Song: Chris Brown’s “Forever” –

Surprise Musical Performance: Christina Perri performing “Jar of Hearts” live!!! We loved and downloaded her song, took her from waitress to guest musical performer!!!

The Bottom 3 Solos:

Billy solos to Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” –
Jose solos to RJD2’s “Chicken Bone Circuit” –

Ashley is eliminated due to injury to the goodbye song: Black Gold’s “Shine” – from their album Rush.

[Song list compiled by PURESYTYCD who I guest blog for and who I will be returning to blog for once SYTYCD Canada starts again)

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