Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 Tonight

This is just tonight's episode... at the bottom ONLY there is veto comp spoilers.

In short, the nominations were Brendan and Rachel (who seem to be starting a showmance based on their love of science ha!) even though the "Sabateur" put green X tape over Deputy Sherrif and Brittney, both who bombed in the have/have not challenge this week.

The Challenge, crawling through caramel and digging through popcorn, was gross, what's wrse, those have not losers) don't get hot water so they had to shower in cold water to get that sticky goop off them THEN soeep on lawn chairs next to jars of live maggots and bugs that smell like... well... maggots and bugs!!! |GROSS!|!

Additionally, the have nots will live off slop, which they already had been doing along with the whole house because the "sabateur" locked up their food.

Wednesday is the veto (want spoilers? I will post at the end of this post with warnings before hand) and then THursday is the live eviction and we will get to find out who SABATEUR IS....

My thoughts:

Annie - was my first guess just since she seems innocent but smart, I don't know why I thought it was her first episode.

Sheriff - She would be good at that stuff being a cop, she literally LAID in the carmel not moving for way too long.

Britney - she sucked in both challenges, granted she hurt her knee in the first one.

Andrew - (is he the kosher eating prankster?) he seems too obvious to be it but he has put a bulls eye on himself, though I doubt BB would let viewing audience see ow obvious he is if it was him

Jersey Boy - He and Andrew chatted in the room and it made me think it could be him but I don't know - he seems fishy - maybe I just don't trust Jersey boys after too much Jersey Shore ha ha

Who do you suspect most?



Brendon wins veto and takes himself off and Annie goes up against Rachel


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